The Delivery attribute describes the means by which the EA practice delivers value.

EA practices in higher education may choose from a variety of means to deliver value, based on existing practices, opportunities, and constraints in their institutions, for example:

  • Services: EA offers ongoing services such as consultation or design (perhaps as part of an IT service catalog)

  • Engagements: EA creates project-like engagements with defined deliverables for stakeholders

  • Staffing: EA team members staff initiatives to add architectural value

  • Processes: EA has a role in specific processes, such as governance or design processes

  • Reference architectures: EA leads creation of reference architectures and their application

  • Methods: EA offers methods to improve information-gathering, analysis, and decision-making

  • Frameworks: EA offers frameworks to provide shared concepts and approaches

  • Outreach: EA conducts activities to raise awareness of EA resources and opportunities

  • Training: EA trains people to understand and apply architectural principles and methods

Maturity is demonstrated by increased effectiveness of delivery through the selected means. This starts from selecting means that are appropriate to the environment and scope and utilizing best practices appropriate to each. At increasing levels of maturity, an EA practice should be able to:

Milestones and Actions

At increasing levels of maturity, an EA practice should be able to:

Level 1: Initiating

Level 2: Formed

Level 3: Defined

Level 4: Managed

Level 5: Improving


Potential methods are identified to deliver the value proposition within the defined scope.

Delivery methods are validated through key engagements and refined to improve outcomes.

Delivery methods are well defined and expected outcomes repeatable.

Delivery methods are regularly evaluated and processes are in place to implement improvements.

New and alternative delivery methods are explored and evaluated.


Assign EA resources ad hoc to add architectural value to projects or develop resources.

Commit the EA practice to one or more means of delivery that are well-defined and well-understood.

Make the intended customers of the EA practice aware of the resources available.

Formalize the resources offered by the EA practice as appropriate in the organization (for example, service catalog entries, service design packages, and SLAs in a service management organization).

Validate that the resources provided by the EA practice are perceived as useful and routinely utilized.

Regularly measure the effectiveness of delivery by the EA practice.

Validate that customers continue to report satisfaction with the resources provided by EA.

Ensure that the EA practice can sustainably maintain and scale each resource it provides.

Continuously improve the resources delivered by the EA practice based on measures of effectiveness.


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