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ITANA Meeting Minutes - 21-January-2009


Jim Phelps, University of Wisconsin-Madison (chair)
Marina Arseniev, University of California Irvine
Tom Barton, University of Chicago
Michael Daley, University of Michigan
Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Christian Johansen, Pennsylvania State University
Steve Olshansky, Internet2
Ron Theilen, University of Chicago
Eric Westfall, Indiana University
Dean Woodbeck, Internet2 (scribe)


Approved - will be added to the wiki.

Action Items

(AI) Keith, Ron, and Jim will develop a wiki page on workflow graphical modeling tools that includes sets of facets that will allow for the evaluation and grading of the tools.

(AI) Jim will set up the draft CIO survey in SurveyMonkey for review.

(AI) Mike Daley, Eric Westfall, Ron Thielen, and Jim Phelps will meet and develop a strategy for agenda building for a proposed Face2Face.

Previous Action Items

(AI) (FEBRUARY Start) Marina, Piet, Rich and Scott Fullerton will work on a group to identify campuses active in the area of EA frameworks, tools and repositories. They will also develop a common set of interview questions, talk with the identified campuses and write up the results. The first agenda item is to develop a focused scoping statement about tools, repositories and frameworks - definitions and our goal in each area.

(AI) Piet, Jim, Eric, Keith and Tom will identify campuses with operating workflow management systems, develop a common set of interview questions, talk with the identified campuses and write-up the results. (AI) Jim will put out a call on the ITANA list and/or CIO list searching for appropriate institutions regarding the workflow item above. In addition, (AI) Keith will set up a call time for the gang of five.


Keith discussed workflow as it relates to assignments and privileges required for approval of items. There is a related discussion right now in the PAccMan working group, which is concerned with privilege management. Keith will do some simulation/modeling for new affiliation requests using YAWL (Yet Another Workflow Language), an open-source product. YAWL also allows for managing users and groups, but Keith is going to explore integration with Grouper instead. A link to YAWL is in the ITANA wiki:

Ron suggested the tool used will depend on what you want to accomplish. BPMN is a standard for visualizing processes and workflows. YAWL also has a visualization tool. There is also Intaglio, a community-source project, as well as others. In Intaglio, all the data elements are mapped into XML, so you have to understand how XML works with the process. Intaglio is one of the first BPEL for People implementations and Ron is going to document some workflows with the software.

Eric said that Kuali Enterprise Workflow does not include a graphical modeling tool, but developers are looking to add one in the next version of Kuali RICE (scheduled for mid-2011). They are still determining their strategy, including whether to adopt an existing tool rather than writing something.

(AI) Keith, Ron, and Jim will develop a wiki page that includes sets of facets concerning these types of tools to allow for evaluation and grading.

Survey Update

The survey will go to the Educause CIO list in February at the latest. (AI) Jim will set up the draft survey in SurveyMonkey for review.

ITANA Face2Face 2010

There was a discussion about whether to schedule an ITANA Face2Face and, if so, whether it would make sense to piggy-back on another conference.

There was support for a F2F, depending on the content and purpose/goals of the meeting. Marina mentioned that UC schools have a ban on non-essential travel. Some associated meetings include the Internet2 Spring Member Meeting and Jasig.

It was suggested to survey the ITANA list to determine which topics are of most interest. This is essentially a marketing issue - doing some outreach and gathering topics may help prod attendance. (AI) Mike Daley, Eric Westfall, Ron Thielen, and Jim Phelps volunteered to meet and develop a strategy for agenda building.

Next Meeting - Thursday, Feb. 4
2 p.m. EST / 1 p.m. CST / Noon MST / 11 a.m. PST

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