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ITANA Conference Call Minutes

July 24, 2008


Jim Phelps, University of Wisconsin (chair)
Jeremiah Adams, University of Colorado-Boulder
Tom Barton, University of Chicago
Michael Enstrom, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Mike Fary, University of Chicago
Mike Halm, Penn State University
Klara Jelinkova, Duke University
Colin Jones, British Columbia Institute of Technology
Steve Olshansky, Internet2
Ann West, Internet2/EDUCAUSE
Dean Woodbeck, Internet2 (scribe)


1. Roll Call
2. Agenda Bash
3. Accept minutes of last call
4. Data Management Joint Discussion -
o Note Mike Fary will join this call. Mike is the leader of the Data Administration Constituent Group (
o Data Management Survey framework

Data Management Roadmap Announcement Future Agendas:
• EDUCAUSE pre-conference logistics
• Archimate Architecture Modeling Language
• Social Software - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, et al

Items on the shelf:

1. Architecture Tool discussion (All)

  •   UC Irvine's open source tool - Protoge

2. Chicago's I.T. Ecosystem Tool (Tom B)

  • 1. Paul's piece on Standards for Arch Documents - standards for architectural documentation (Paul H)

3. UC-Berkeley Roadmap document (Hebert)
4. Mellon New Initiative: Framework for scholarly studies tools (Keith H)
5. Web CMS RFPs (Jim P)
6. Face2Face Planning Committee Check-In (Committee)
7. ECAR Bulletin - Centralization/Decentralization
(99) Next steps, next call

*Action Items*

(AI) (Mike Fary and Klara Jelinkova) will meet next week to discuss changes and updates. Once a draft is ready, they will post it to the ITANA wiki for feedback.

*Carryover Action Items*

(AI) (Working group members) will review case study questions on the wiki to determine whether answering these would result in an informative case study.

(AI) (Mike Halm) volunteered to help determine a list of campuses to recruit for case studies and then contacting the appropriate people.

*Face2Face Update*

Miah Adams is checking on the possibility of an ITANA Face2Face in conjunction with the CSG meeting planned for early January in Boulder. Jim Phelps reported that it is unlikely that a Face2Face could be scheduled in conjunction with EDUCAUSE or Internet2, so CSG is the best candidate, at this point.

*Data Management*

Mike Fary, from the EDUCAUSE data management constituent group, joined the call to discuss a data management survey. He and Klara Jelinkova have discussed the format and scope of the survey. As a model, they are using the capability/maturity survey developed by Hebert Diaz-Flores ( and adapting that to data management. The survey instrument will include a preamble, in part to ensure common language and definition of concepts.

(AI) (Mike and Klara) will meet next week to discuss changes and updates. Once a draft is ready, they will post it to the ITANA wiki for feedback.

There was a discussion about the uses for the survey. The consensus is to focus the survey on data management and, specifically, administrative data. The results will be used to see the range of data management practices, to identity next steps, and to look for best practices. In addition, the survey may be given to different audiences to see if there are significant differences in responses.

There was also a suggestion to explore a matrix, taking into account categories of data (e.g. administrative, research) and different problem areas (e.g. e-discovery, unstructured data sets). The consensus was to work on the survey first and discuss the concept of a matrix at the constituent group session at the October EDUCAUSE meeting.

*EDUCAUSE Meeting*

Both the ITANA and Data Management constituent groups will meet during the October EDUCAUSE meeting in Orlando. This would provide a venue for further refining the survey and might also be a good place to have a joint meeting and explore areas of common interest between the groups.

Mike Fary reported that the data management group has had a lot of email discussion recently on metadata, metadata management and data stewardship.

*Wiki Update*

Mike Halm sent a note to the email list with some thoughts about the ITANA wiki and wiki gardening. Jim reported that he is planning to move the introductory information from the wiki to the website. He will also move materials from the wiki to the web when they are finalized and static.

There was a discussion about how to get information out of the minutes and onto the wiki in a way that is helpful and useable. A suggestion is to add some tags and/or metadata to the minutes, or to make more extensive use of labels, to accomplish that.

*Next Call, Thursday, August 7, 2008, 2:00 p.m. EDT*