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We have a call with Shel Waggener, Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO at UC-Berkeley, regarding his work in Cloud Computing. Here are some seed questions for the call:

  1. Ask him to provide a pointer to an article/place to define the basic terms for the discussion. See the resource section below
  2. What questions do you still have about Cloud Computing?
  3. Metric numbers, who is doing what in the cloud currently?
  4. Interesting Use Case: disaster recovery?
  5. Comparison of different companies are taking (Azure vs. Amazons vs. Sun)?
  6. We want to have a better handle of what the service offerings are and what they mean to us?
  7. What differences in definition of Cloud Computing have you seen from different providers?
  8. How does organizational maturity effect what we decide to move into a cloud environment?
  9. What does cloud computing mean to our ability to manage these services (incident management, outages, etc)?
  10. How do we state the value proposition for the central IT shop in a cloud computing environment?
  11. Security and Privacy implications of putting your data into the cloud.
  12. Organizational (Org Structure) impacts of moving to cloud computing.


Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing

Shel Waggener and Brad Wheeler's "Above-Campus Services" in EDUCAUSE Review

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