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WG Member Responsible: Jon Turbett, University of Michigan

Best Practice Resource Guide


InfoQ article - "Navigating the Maze of EA Certifications"

Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE)

The Open Group Certified Architect

IASA Certifications 

Frameworks/ Methodologies

Zachman Framework is a matrix based ontology used for the basis of architecture. 

TOGAF is a detailed method and set of supporting resources for developing an Enterprise Architecture developed by The Open Group.

The Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) provides principles and standards for how business, information, and technology architectures should be developed across the Federal Government.

Integrated Architecture Framework (IAF) is a framework developed by Capgemini.  Many of the capabilities of IAF are now included in TOGAF 9.  

EA Conferences

Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit  


Institute for Enterprise Architecture Developments EA Tools Overview

ITANA Library Resources


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