Piet’s shortened version of the survey has been very successful.

We now have 25 responses altogether:

  1. 14 long survey
  2. 11 short survey

Here is where I think we stand:

Before the f-2-f we will need to tabulate all the results for the wiki?

Piet and I discussed working together on a short (5 page?) summary of the survey that would be available on the wiki and as a PDF download. Attached is a very rough sample of some thoughts. If this works for you, then Piet and I will continue with this, solicit feedback as we progress and then we can have a final editorial session in October?

There are also a couple of loose ends:

  1. SOA enablement of products (eg PeopleSoft): do we still want to pursue that?
  2. There are 4 10-15 minute slots in the f-2-f for a summaries of 4 SOA projects. I elected to do a review of the UW Learning Plan as a project that leverages SOA at many levels: agility, business value, repurposing legacy etc)
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