ITANA will join with AACRAO Tech 2010

Very Important News!

IMPORTANT: ITANA will NOT be hosting a track at AACRAO Tech 2010.

Due to the short planning time, we were unable to bring together the presentations for the sessions. We will work towards a track at next year's AACRAO Tech.

ITANA will host a Student Lifecycle Summit at AACRAO Tech 2010.

The goal for this meeting include:

  • Building a bridge between the Architecture group and the Registrar's Office (RO) on campuses
  • Helping participants outline a strategy for architecture engagement in the student lifecycle space
  • Building a shared understanding of the role of the Registrar's Office in governance and data management on campus

Dates and Program

AACRAO Tech will be Sunday, July 18th through Tuesday, July 20th.

  • The Student Lifecycle Sessions will be on Monday, July 19th.
  • ITANA will have a 1/2 day session on Tuesday, July 20th.

Who should attend

Institutions should look to send a team with both RO and Architecture representatives. These teams will work together throughout the day to answer questions and build a shared vision for future student lifecycle work on your campus.

Individuals who should also attend include:

  • Registrars, Admissions Officers and other people from the RO/AO area who are involved in data access decisions, identity management and student lifecyle policies and decision and shared infrastrucutre.
  • Enterprise Architects, I.T. Architects, Infrastructure Architects who are involved in identity management, SOA and data management.

Logistics and Registration Fee

Note that there is a registration fee for attending AACRAO Tech. The fee varies based on membership and number attending from institutions.

The logistics are being handled by AACRAO Tech 2010. Please see their site for information

Call for Proposals

If you are interested in presenting on a topic below or another topic, please send fill out the form before.

  • How does Central IT Architecture work with the Registrar?
  • Who owns the Student Lifecycle?
  • What is the Role of Architecture in Strategic Planning
  • Role of the Registrar as an Identity Source
    • Getting attributes for Federated IdM
    • The change point of identity - moving early in the lifecycle
    • Extending identity to other student-like groups (camp attendees
  • SOA and the RO
  • RO role in infrastructure and governance
  • New SIS and Kuali Implementations

Fill out this form:

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  5. Would you be co-presenting with someone from your RO?
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Are you interested in attending the Student Lifecyle Summit?
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