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  1. Roll Call (by time zone - East to West)
  2. Scribe Shout-out - It's easy to scribe: How To Scribe Itana Notes
  3. Mentoring Program Kick-off
  4. Working Group Check-Ins


Mentoring Program Kickoff

Presentation: Itana Mentoring Program 2021

Beth Schaefer Presenting


  1. Intro
    1. This has been a focus for Itana for a long time.
    2. Have been involved with Educause peer mentoring program.
    3. We had 14 Itana members go through.
    4. Educause will be launching a mentoring platform soon.
  2. What is Mentoring/Types of Mentoring
    2. Mentoring for personal and professional growth stemming from a relationship between less experienced and more experienced individuals.
    3. Alternative pairings are also used.
    4. Types: Traditional mentor/mentee, peer, circle and invisible mentoring.
    5. Other modes: workshops and speed mentoring.
  3. Benefits
    1. Active participation in professional and personal growth
    2. Expanded network
    3. Expand knowledge and skills
  4. Important to set expectations
    1. Communication, meetings, session guidelines, etc.
    2. Honoring commitments and building trust 
    3. Communicate clearly
    4. Put things in perspective
    5. Keep confidential
  5. Goals
    1. Clarify what is important to get out of the mentoring
    2. Purpose, relevance, skill, relationship, etc.
  6. What kinds of goals are you hopeful your peer might aid you in accomplishing?
    1. Is this general or career specific?
      1. It is both as many of the general skills are applicable
    2. Seeing EA concepts applied to real-world examples?
    3. Understanding what EA entails and how to move from a more technical role to EA?
  7. Mentee Readiness
    1.  Be thoughtful and broad in your thinking about mentoring relationships.

    2. Offering observations and perspectives as opposed to answers is hard.

    3. How do you know if you are able to be a mentor?

      1. We did career journey maps. It is a good thing to do to look at what you have learned over the years.

      2. It helps to be clear about what you are looking for in mentoring.

      3. Just jump in and do it. It is fine. It is part of a give back into our industry.

      4. There are a lot of good tools to use such as and essay bio that describes how you became you.

  8. Here is a way to assess your mentoring relationship.
  9. There are also alternative activities for your development goals.

  10. Educause Mentoring Program Kicking off on January 15. Plenty of how to’s and resources.

  11. Mentoring discussion

  12. Poll
  13. Next Steps
    1. Call topic: Career Journey Maps
    2. Call topic: Pivoting in your career
    3. Steering group to coordinate with Educause platform.

Full Chat Text

11:04:00 From Troy MacFarlane to Everyone : Hello from sunny Ontario.
11:04:14 From Christopher Eagle to Everyone : Hi from cloudy michigan
11:04:29 From Louis King (Yale University) to Everyone : Hi from partly cloudy CT.
11:04:42 From Dana Miller to Everyone : Cloudy OH
11:05:35 From Rob Yosowitz (ASU) to Everyone : Hello from sunny Arizona.
11:06:21 From Jacob A. Morris to Everyone : Hello from *checks weather* the Pacific Northwest
11:22:57 From Troy MacFarlane to Everyone : Exposure to different workplace situations that I may not have lived -- good and bad.
11:23:18 From Mary Stevens to Everyone : Identifying skills to grow and how to identify opportunities to grow them at my organization
11:23:19 From Dana Miller to Everyone : Developing strategy and corresponding technology roadmaps using business architecture methods
11:23:34 From Michael Davis to Everyone : As someone still new in an architect role, what it encompasses and how to transition to it from a hands-on technical role.
11:25:07 From Mona Zarei Guerra to Everyone : finding opportunities to see the EA concepts applied to real world practices.(since my institution doesn't have any established EA practice.)
11:27:35 From Piet Niederhausen to Everyone : In part it’s a chance to learn how similar work is approached at other institutions. It’s not easy to find the kind of work we do in articles/publications, particularly the real-life people and organizations aspect of it.
11:29:07 From Troy MacFarlane to Everyone : I recently did a career pivot from Federal Government to University, so similar to the last speaker's point, EA within a Higher Learning setting can have its own nuances to address as a specific industry sector.  Perhaps the feedback from other mentors to speak about career change and moving between institutions -- help create new EA programs and parachuting into existing EA programs and processes.
11:29:25 From Phani - U of MN to Everyone : For junior or midlevel developers to achieve career goals, career paths to choose and how to work towards those.
11:29:26 From Betsy Draper to Everyone : Pivot within your position
11:29:57 From Christopher Eagle to Everyone : i'm getting that, too, JIm
11:30:04 From Stelios Bourmpoulias to Everyone : As a PhD Student, I wish find a peer which could help me discover the main trends and current EA challenges in the sector of HE
11:30:19 From Jacob A. Morris to Everyone : Pivots and career journey maps - very much related
11:30:46 From Daniel Lopes to Everyone : From an IT background I usually struggle to grasp concepts from EA Business Architecture (such as value streams, course of action, measure)
11:30:47 From Lonnie Smetana (UManitoba) to Everyone : Piot within position is something I am being asked to plan for at the moment so definitely would be interested in the career pivot topic.
11:31:07 From Ashish Pandit to Everyone : Thinking strategically vs tactical , advance to leadership role , and learning from challenges at other institutes
11:32:37 From Ladan Heit to Everyone : One of my initial challenges in this role was clearly defining what EA is to our Institution - what is the landscape and what are the needs; how can these needs be addressed through proper application of EA concepts and practices.  It took a while to make progress and actually reach some outcomes.
11:34:12 From Alberto Mendoza to Everyone : sorry folks, but I have to jump.... looking forward to more on this front, and thanks to however is taking the notes.  Thanks!
11:45:57 From Piet Niederhausen to Everyone : One more reason to do mentoring: working on architecture at the enterprise level can at times be quite discouraging, and motivation and confidence can be hard to find. A mentor can help remind us that it’s a long road, there will be ups and downs, and why to stick with it.
11:51:17 From Mahmoud Youssef (GWU) to Everyone : sorry, I have to drop off for another meeting. thank you
11:54:50 From Jacob A. Morris to Everyone : Looking at the Educause program, it appears you can be both Mentor and Mentee
11:54:54 From Jacob A. Morris to Everyone :
11:55:15 From Jacob A. Morris to Everyone : Signing up to be both!
11:56:07 From Troy MacFarlane to Everyone : I just signed up to be a mentor through the website
11:56:47 From Joanna Muench (Fred Hutch) to Everyone : I'm seeing possibility here for mentoring software developers into lead roles, and myself looking for a mentor to understanding EA in the scientific research space.
11:57:35 From Betsy Draper to Everyone : Need to drop off for another meeting. Thanks, all! Have a great weekend.
12:00:18 From Ashish Pandit to Everyone : Just curious how mentor/manatees get matched up and connected?
12:00:45 From Betsy Reinitz (EDUCAUSE) to Everyone : It’s done through the platform using information from the profile you create to match interests and needs.
12:01:20 From Betsy Reinitz (EDUCAUSE) to Everyone : Need to run. Please be in touch if you have more questions about the EDUCAUSE platform.
12:01:43 From Michael Davis to Everyone : Dropping for another meeting, but interested to see where this topic goes.
12:02:23 From Jacob A. Morris to Everyone : Got another meeting - happy new year all!
12:03:20 From Mona Zarei Guerra to Everyone :

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