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  1. Roll Call (by timezone - East to West)
  2. Scribe Shout-out - It's easy to scribe: How To Scribe Itana Calls Guide
  3. Agenda Bash
  4. Facilitating Remote Meetings with Mural - Jim Phelps

  5. Itana Org Updates (if any)
    1. Working Group Updates
      1. Wiki Refresh Working Group
      2. Women in EA Working Group
      3. New2EA Working Group
      4. API Working Group
      5. Business Architecture Working Group
    2. Steering Committee Update
      1. Coaching and Mentoring


Adam Caimi - Penn State
Ahuvah Reese - University of Washington
Alberto Mendoza - Boston College
Beth Schaefer - University of Wisconsin
Jacob Morris - University of Washington
Jim Phelps - University of Washington
Jeff Kennedy - University of Auckland
Kate Cormier - University of Washington
Lonnie Smetana - University of Manitoba
Louis King - Yale
Maher Shinouda - University of Waterloo
Mahmoud Youssef -
Matt Morton - Vantage TCG
Mona Guerra - University of Miami
Raoul Sevier - Harvard
Rich Cropp - Penn State
Piet Niederhausen - University of Washington
Stelio Bourmpulias - 


Facilitating Remote Meetings with Mural - Jim Phelps

Mural was used for the New2EA Wiki Refresh

  • Two facilitators was helpful
  • A bit of a learning curve for those new to the tool
  • Ended with a polished product from chaos as it was developing

Mural also used for the Future of SIS TechConnect 2020

Live Demo:

  • Different layouts
  • Size of canvas is important (stickies size will dictate size of canvas)
  • Having a few example stickies is good to start
  • Cutting and pastings between Google Docs and Mural
  • Exporting data from Mural

Zoom bomb (handled in real time during Itana call)

  • Locked Zoom meeting room (Security → Lock Meeting)
  • Remove ability for participants to unmute themselves (Participants → ... → Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves)
  • Muted all the participants (Participants → Mute All)
  • Remove disruptive participants from the meeting room (Participants → Name → More → Remove)

Remote and Virtual Facilitating differences

  • Breakout rooms
    • hard to wander to around room and listen in
    • disruptive to join a breakout room
  • Different feel between real and virtual stickies
  • Sorting stickies
    • Hard to have multiple conversations at the same time
    • Side Conversations: while at whiteboard people are connecting and that might not happen virtually
    • Harder to build consensus virtually - missing body language

Other products in this space:

  • Miro and Lucidspark
  • Would like to have a panel discussion later

How does it work?

  • Balance between Google Docs and Mural
  • Use of Zoom and Zoom breakout rooms

Mural can be a space for groups to come back to after initial meetings

  • Mural can be revisit at a later date
  • Don't have to take it down like in a conference room
  • It isn't a temporary artifact

How to snapshot progress?

  • Pictures of the canvas over time
  • There is a history (who put what when

Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out

  • No EDUCAUSE face to face this year
  • Itana Wiki Refactor WG
    • Leadership - Mona Guerra and Yolanda Uzzell
    • Met on Wednesday, October 14 and reviewed roles
  • New2EA WG
    • Will be supporting the Itana Wiki Refractor effort
    • Will use one meeting a month for Wiki Refractor effort
    • New2EA Steering Meeting: Wednesday, October 28 at 14:00 EDT
    • New2EA WG Wiki Refactor Meeting: Wednesday, November 4 at 14:00 EDT
  • API/Governance WG
    • First session last week - BYU presentation on data pipeline
    • WG is also talking about integration platforms
    • WG is looking for others to present
  • Business Architecture WG
    • Sharing updates to version 2.5.0 of CUADIT Higher Education Reference model
  • Women in EA WG
    • Planning meeting on Monday
  • Coaching and Mentoring
    • Looking for volunteers
    • Use talents to feed wiki refresh
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