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  1. Roll Call
  2. Main Agenda: Internet 2 and Itana partnerships: Steve Zoppi
  3. Wrap Up (5m, Jim Phelps)


Main Agenda:

  1.  Steve Zoppi from Internet2 provided a presentation that documented the history of Internet2.  He touched on InCommon.  In 1998 a middleware collaborative network was established which also established a robust human network.  There are now 100,000 + community anchor institutions.  This effort produced Single Sign-On access.

  2. The focus of the presentation is the landscape is becoming more complex in higher education. 1000 institutions are now involved.
    1. More institutional skills are needed and there are more architectural needs.

  3. There is sustainable funding through Internet2

  4. The next phase in Cloud-NET + Cloud Services.  The Community defines needs.

  5. The next steps:
    1. Jim Phelps:  This is a thumbnail history of the Internet backbone and Internet2 worked to solve the Identity Problem through Shibboleth, Net +and the leverage of vendor contracts, response to various challenges. 20 years in 20 minutes

  6. The InCommon Academy
    1. Training Programs
      1. BaseCamps: Learn about the services of Internet2
      2. CAMP: Community Architecture and Middleware planning

  7. Training feeds into the Collaboration Success Program.  Focused campus specified requirements.

  8. Collaboration Success Program:
    1. 4-month collaborative engagement
    2. Gap:  Itana’s connection to architecture
      1. Idea #1:  Registry of Known Practitioners
      2. Idea #2:  Program and Working Group Subject Matter Experts

        1. Connect with working groups.  

      3. Idea #3:  A Help Wanted Program
  9. Jim:  Opportunity, time bought out.  Can Itana be a pool of expert architects that can be leveraged by other institutions?
  10. Questions and Feedback: 
    1. Louis King:  We need to determine what are the incentive aspects of a potential collaboration.  There could be a mix of the 3 options

    2. Mary Stevens: Some staff has been voluntold they had to go to the training

    3. Jim:    There is an opportunity for peer exposure

    4. J.J.:  This program is a good fit based upon Itana’s charter

    5. Mary Stevens:  They can help facilitate communication

    6. J.J.:  What things would not make this effort successful?

    7. Mary Stevens:  Some dragons. Internet 2 does not want to certify people.  They are not that kind of organization

    8. Louis King:  Complexity of exchange of $$ between an architect and another university.  A complexity to think about

    9.  Mary Stevens;  5 different types of engagement

    10.  Louis King:  Opportunity for Itana to draw closer to Internet2 enterprise capabilities.  Bring I2 conversations into Itana. Extend the architecture community. Opportunity for the relationship to be tighter through this program

    11. Mary Stevens:  May provide an opportunity to gain experience outside of one's institution

    12. Jim:  Opportunity for personal development

    13. Betsy Draper:  An opportunity for training architects.  The opportunity for in-house development is limited.  This could provide boots on the ground training. We all come from different places and experience is critical in this career field

    14. Mary Stevens:  Capstone projects

    15.  Jim:  What is the roadmap?  What does this look like in a year or so?

    16. Chris Eagle:  Select one of the options and work with Itana to figure out how to implement it.  We are open to ideas

    17. Jim: Jim will talk with Chris Eagle about the next step


14:26:08 From James J Phelps : We will put the slides on the Itana wiki after the call

14:36:46 From Steven Zoppi : I can now see the chat window … 

14:39:01 From Mary Stevens : I’m wondering if there isn’t a way to also pair up a more experienced architect with someone who would like to learn on these types of projects

14:39:37 From Nina : I really like that idea Mary!

14:39:51 From Jim Phelps, Jacob Morris UW : +1 from Jacob/New2EA on Mary's idea :)

14:43:10 From James J Phelps : Itana Charter:

14:43:35 From James J Phelps : Oops.  Itana’s Charter:

14:53:11 From Nina : I think Idea #2 is also the best option for wider adoption amongst the various institutions.

14:54:32 From Jim Phelps, Jacob Morris UW : +1 on the capstone project concept 

15:00:30 From Louis King : Thanks Steve. Fantastic!

15:00:33 From Nina : Thank you!

15:01:15 From Beth Schaefer : Thank you!!

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