Title: New2EA Meeting Notes

Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 2:00PM-3:00PM EST

Location: https://tinyurl.com/new2ea-zoom


  • Billy Sneed
  • Ashish Pandit
  • Dennis Baron
  • James Phelps
  • Vedat Gunay
  • Jacob Morris
  • Jeff Kennedy
  • Dawn Hessinger
  • Marion Raghunanan
  • Yolanda Uzzell
  • Rich Cropp



  1. 2020 Architect Resolutions
  2. Review and discover the depth of resources on the Itana Wiki.


New2EA Topics/Themes for the upcoming year:

  1. Being an "Architect" - shifting your focus and skills
    1. 2020 Architect Resolutions
  2. Growing an EA Practice
  3. Fitting the Organization
  4. Architect Survival Kit (on the Itana Wiki)

Discussion about other future topics/themes:

  1. Selecting and prioritizing engagements.
  2. Surviving engagements when priorities don't align with strategy?
  3. How EA pushes an organization to better fit an EA practice?  

Welcome to 2020!

2020 Architect Resolutions

  • What steps will you take this year in shifting your focus and skills to becoming or improving as an "architect"?
    • Intentional about pushing organization to fit an EA practice
    • Attend strategic meetings
    • Empower CIO to set standards around technology
    • Being visible with leadership and others
      • sharing information about the good work that has been done and could be done
    • Being out there and making connecting
      • creating relationships and promoting program
      • setting the grounds for future collaborations
    • Better prioritization
      • too many things on peoples plates
      • learning to say no to those things that aren't as important
      • learning to say no in a graceful way
      • get beyond 'just in time' and add value earlier in engagement
      • no, not right now
    • Ruthless prioritization
      • engagements that directly enable the mission
      • David Kantor’s theory of Structural Dynamics: 

        • the four player model: movers, followers, opponents, and bystanders
      • Cognizant of communication style and interactions with others
    • Make University more aware of what EA is
      • make it more than just a buzz word
    • Make an effort to be part of the software and development side of the architecture
    • Better understand the role of enterprise architecture
    • How do my strengths alight with my understanding of role?
    • Motivate team to standards
    • ITSM pieces to enable an EA practice
      • service management mindset to enable EA and break down silos

Potential Resolutions

  1. Attend New2EA WG meetings
  2. Help plan New2EA by joining the steering calls
  3. Increase your influence by Facilitating from the Side
  4. Demonstrate your leadership as an architect
  5. Make people want to attend your "meetings" by converting them to PROPER Working Sessions
    1. being very intentional about why you are having a meeting
    2. what do you want to get out of this meeting?
  6. What do you want the attendees to get out of meeting?
  7. Does everything on the agenda drive you to those goals
  8.  Your thoughts here...

  • More effective interactions with meetings
    • "softening the ground"
  • Intentional communications

Itana Wiki resources:



  • Lots of great informations
  • Schedule of calls
  • EA maturiyy model
  • Architecture leadership
  • Architecture methods
  • Groups

Please add examples for architecture methods.

Upcoming calls:

Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - New2EA Steering Group meeting

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 - Being an "Architect" series continued

Action Items:

  1. Jacob Morris will share recording from previous meetings.
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