ITANA Pre Conference

23 participants


Louis King

Jacob Morris

Chris Eagle

Topic: Relaunching Your Architecture Practice

Hosts enjoyed it; dynamic participation

Pre Conference Highlights:

Interactions among participants

Good exchange of ideas among panelists and participants; different levels CIOs and director levels

Participants focus on EA scope to bring back to their teams; participants focussed on their own action plan which included action steps and soft skills

The participants filled 17 flip charts; contents has been transcribed to ITANA website.  Discussion of maturity of ITANA staff and the maturity model; 

Repetition is good - we can repeat ourselves because people miss it the first time; no need to always have a fresh message.

  1. EDUCAUSE general conference

Seemed a high number of participants

Betsy poster session

Dana Miller from Miami

Somebody from U Toronto

Use of CAUDIT Model

Heavy traffic - connected people to ITANA and bus architect working group

Business Reference model half day session

Australian Business Service Model

Poster - Chris Eagle and Matt House

Organized Anarchy

General sessions comments:

Innovation - session on last day - how to support it within IT; CIO from MI liberal arts; role of EA in support of innovation.  EA often wants to curb innovation; how to take the middle way. 

Keynote was also about innovation.

Teaching and Learning sessions showed a big movement for bigger diversity from the LMS; how to organize that on a class by class way; neutral learning experience NGDLE.  Course specific:  Apps; productivity apps; the diversity of that, not doing back end identity; you have to tie the apps to a data driven repository if you want to know what the student does; making it very easy for faculty and students to get to the tools; yet gap in how to get to the data to measure effectiveness of the approach.  

Student success metrics; every session “what data do we need to assess that better”  everything has student success baked into it; no longer stand alone. 

Diversity/equity/inclusion - also more embedded not silo.

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