• Jacob A. Morris
  • Alberto Mendoza
  • Louis King


  • Plan the topics, including lead and any action items, for the next several New2EA meetings
    • Focus is on our panel for 10/9/2019
  • Assign any required follow-up work
  • Face2Face planning status update
  • As time permits, discuss workgroup documents.

Proposed New2EA Summer Call Program

Action Items: 

  • Add the notes from the Unconference to the Google Doc for the planning doc for the Face2Face for visibility Jacob Morris ( 
  • Send out to the broader community to add their input to our potential agenda Jacob Morris ( 
  • We should target 3-4 total: Can add Louis King, Chris Eagle, UC San Diego leader, JJ,  Steering Committee
  • Try to target certain questions to specific individuals; to help move through the questions and get more of a flavor; ask them to rank the questions or pick 3 they want to respond
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