• Chris Eagle

  • Jacob Morris

  • Piet Niederhausen

  • Beth Schaefer

  • Louis King

  • Nathaniel Poon

  • Alberto Mendoza

  • Ann Gerwitz

  • Shane Anderson

  • Jim Phelps


  • Make sure we're ready to offer the first open call
  • Discuss future agendas

Discussion items



Jacob and Alberto

10min Recap of previous meetings and state of the WG charge for context  Jacob
  •  We agreed our first open session will be a discussion of "what is EA" from the perspective of different participants
30minPlanning for first large group New2EA Sessionwhole group, facilitated by Alberto/Jacob
  • We discussed how to structure this session
  • We agreed to prepare some viewpoints beforehand to share
  • It could be helpful to provide a template with questions
  • What questions should we ask?
    • What was/is the motivation for starting EA at your institution?
    • What type of EA are you considering?
      • Architect over a big system/solution architecture – for example an ERP program
      • Head architect for an IT organization – how the technology pieces will fit together; might run an Architecture Review Board
      • City planning metaphor – looking ahead, setting strategy, not limited to strategy, laying out where others will build something
      • Business process outcome – primarily with working with business stakeholders
      • Note: An EA practice could fit in several
    • Also, before that, more of an icebreaker – what are you thinking about, what are you shooting for? Let's hear more about each individual and their context – then move to their "flavor" of EA (above)
    • What challenge do you think EA is going to resolve for you? Or help you do better?
      • Or: What is your sense of what the value of EA is, that you are hoping to get or that you are describing to others in your organization?
    • Where have you been looking to learn about EA? What external organizations, publications, have you been looking at and what's been helpful?
  • Think of the whole meeting as an icebreaker/getting to know each other, with some questions just for a little structure – for most participants, this is only the first meeting
    • Goal is for people to feel like the topic and the group is worth coming back to again
  • This could be a recurring theme every year – we could be doing this meeting again to welcome people
    • It could be "who is new to EA", or "welcome to EA"
  • So should we provide a template/advance work?
    • If it's an icebreaker, less formal is better
    • The steering group participants can be prepared to speak, giving time for others to think and then jump in
  • Closing the meeting
    • Show people a little of where we're headed
    • Include/show more of the themes from the survey
    • Mention that there will be a panel; there will be other resources/people and perspectives coming to the working group
10minDetermine schedule for large group New2EA Sessions, as well as WG Steering team sessionsAlberto/Jacob
  • Two week schedule is still fine with everyone
  • Fridays are pretty loaded on the Itana calendar between regular calls, Steering, Business Architecture
  • Consider the international participants - e.g. Ceri Davies at Cardiff
5minNext steps and action items assigned
  • See below

Action items

  • Ann: Finalize the questions and slides for the 1st session
  • Alberto D Mendoza ( : Rationalize the list of topics so we can build the poll - including: 
    • Review the input from the original questionnaire and compare it to the program session ideas
  • Jacob Morris ( : Build the poll for the 1st session
  • Organize the panel for 2nd session
    • Jacob Morris ( : First step: Pick people and get them scheduled – using the existing list
    • Shane: Define the questions for the panel
  • Jacob Morris ( : Send out Doodle poll to align a regular meeting time (every two weeks, avoiding Fridays, off week from regular Itana calls)
  • Jacob, Alberto: Reconnect with others who volunteered to lead