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  1. Roll Call (by timezone - East to West)
  2. Scribe Shout-out - It's easy to scribe: How To Scribe Itana Calls Guide
  3. Agenda Bash
  4. Topic: Welcome to 2018-19 Call / Meeting season.
  5. Itana Org Updates
    1. Working Group Updates
      1. API Working Group
      2. Business Architecture Working Group
      3. EA Maturity Model
    2. Steering Committee Update


Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out

2018 Kick-Off

  1. Roll Call (by timezone - East to West)

      1. Maher Shinouda -- University of Waterloo

      2. Glenn Donaldson -- Ohio State

      3. Data Miller -- Miami (Banner)

      4. Rupert Berk -- U of Washington

      5. Ashish -- UCSD

      6. Jacob Morris -- U of Washington

      7. Jim Phelps -- U of Washington

      8. Betsy Draper -- Kansas State

      9. Brandon Rich -- University of Notre Dame

      10. Susan Grajek -- Educause

      11. JJ Du Chateau -- Wisconsin

  2. Scribe Shout-out - It's easy to scribe: How To Scribe Itana Calls Guide

  3. Year in Review

    1. Infographic

      1. 96 events

      2. 2 face-to-face meetings

      3. Working groups

        1. API working group met 15 times

        2. EA Maturity working group

        3. Business Architecture

        4. Enterprise IOT

  4. Fall meetings

    1. Next meeting -- Oct 19 --  EA Maturity Model

    2. EDUCAUSE -- Oct 30 -- Face 2 Face (Applying Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model)

    3. more

    4. A Career in Organized Anarchy

  5. Agenda Bash

    1. MDM in the ES ecosystem

    2. Report out from Business Architecture Working group

    3. Business analysis / Governance

    4. Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model -- guidance on how to grow into it

    5. EAB business reference models

    6. interaction of enterprise architecture and LEAN

    7. process modeling / improvement

    8. business process management tools (workflow)

      1. ServiceNow

      2. Aris (

      3. Bizagi

      4. OnBase

    9. Educause Top 10 (Susan Grajek)

      1. Data is a big theme

      2. EA is not well represented

      3. ITANA folks could write a sidebar

        1. could do an ITANA / Educause webinar

    10. EA tools to track artifacts (Waterloo)

      1. ErwinEA

      2. Sharewell

      3. TeamDynamics

      4. ServiceNow

      5. KSU -- ServiceNow as master data repository.  Service Structure based on ECAR

  6. Topic: Welcome to 2018-19 Call / Meeting season.

  7. Itana Org Updates

    1. Working Group Updates

      1. API Working Group

      2. Business Architecture Working Group

      3. EA Maturity Model

    2. Steering Committee Update

Vote:  What would you like to cover this year?

(2) The role of Master Data Management - how it ties into overall architecture/IAM and the ecosystem

(5) [Dana] Report out from the Biz Arch WG - CAUDIT model / feedback for the refresh of CAUDIT

(5) [Betsy] BRM/Biz Arch/Biz Analysis /Governance - who does what, what does it mean

(5) EAMM come up with guidance on how to grow maturity, practice guide for growing maturity

(5) [Dana] Business reference models, business optimization models, process improvement

How EA interacts with LEAN, Quality, and other methods

Process Modeling and process improvement,

(5) Business process management tools (Workflow tools)

ServiceNow at Notre Dame - a few workflows, (Ashish, Mojgan) - BP Modeling and simulation

Bizagi - Betsy a KSU - free modeling tool

ND - OnBase

(7) EDUCAUSE Top 10 [JP] - What are Universities doing?  What are the concrete actions being taking?

Data is a huge theme this year.  Integrations of data sources. No one talked about EA.

Review the preview and talk about the implications.  

WG [Jim]: Write a companion sidebar re: connection between Top10 and EA/BA  & webinar exploring role of EA.

(6) EA Tools [J.J.] - to capture information and artifacts (At Waterloo - ErwinEA, JJ - multiple false starts, Dana - CAUDIT into TeamDynamics, Brandon@ND is using ServiceNow for Asset Management, UW-Mad - ShareWell shop, UW SN for Service, Project, looking to add Strategy, KSU - Service Structure based on ECAR service structure)

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