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  1. Roll Call (by timezone - East to West)

  2. Scribe Shout-out - It's easy to scribe: How To Scribe Itana Notes

  3. Agenda Bash

  4. Topic: 2017-18 Call Series Wrap-Up - Your stories here!

    1. Look back at the topics for the year

    2. Share what you took back to your institution, what struck you about the year.

  5. Itana Org Updates

    1. Working Group Updates

      1. API Working Group

      2. Business Architecture Working Group

      3. EA Maturity Model

    2. Steering Committee Update


Dana Miller, Bob Dien

Susan Kelly, Dartmouth

Brian, Greg, Harvard

Chris Eagle Michigan

Beth Schaefer, U-W, Milwaukee

Brendan Belina, UCLA

Krishna Seelam, UCLA

Jim Phelps, U-Wash

Ruppert Berk, Jacob, U-Wash

J.J. DuChateau, U-Wisc

Jacob Morris, ?

Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out

Look bat at the topics for the year.

Jim Phelps gave recap of year.  

Autumn Program:

Call 1: Outreach a big topic, with Beth on lead.

Call 2: EA Maturity Model.  Miami is working with it, trying to apply metrics.

Call 3: F2F recap - Digital Transformation and the changing face of EA

Call 4: Outreach with Young Professionals. Joint call with co-leads for CG for YP constituent group.

Call 5: Case study around business architecture with J.J. DuChateau. J.J. gave a nice recap.  Jim and Brendan liked the Business Motivation model.

Call 6: Case study: Medical College at Cornell's Medical college

Winter Program:

Call 1:IOT working group report out

Call 2: Several people talked about how they used strength finders

Call 3: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.  Joint call with DE&I CG. Beth gave a recap of the call.  

Call 4: EDUCAUSE Top 10 list. Jim showed slides from the show, where the top 10 was grouped into topics

Call 5: Book Club, Dave Gray's Connected Company.  J.J. led the book club and recapped the book club.  Jim showed some slides from the call, and discussed the concepts of Pods and Platforms from the book. Ruppert and Dana also commented.

Spring Program:

Call 1: Recap of EA Methods on the Itana wiki.  Dana has spoke on Business Process work at Miami and he gave a quick recap.

Call 2: Outreach. Joint call with leaders of ITSM CG. Beth recapped the call. Piet gave a presentation that showed intersection of EA and ITSM at U-Wash.  Both Beth and Jim talked about connections made on this call, which has resulted in an EDUCAUSE CG mentoring program and governance conversations.  Dana and Beth commented on how much they liked Piet's presentation.

Call 3: report out on the EAMM Working group

Call 4: report out on the BA Working Group.  Dana is chair of the group, and gave a recap of the history and progress of the group.

Call 5: the EDUCAUSE digital transformation taskforce. Jim commented that Itana input was helpful and that the taskforce just had its last call.

Jim summarized that Itana is very active, due to the effort of the members. There was some discussion about other topics Itana could cover, such as connecting with leadership (e.g. the CIO CG).  Possibly recording some sessions, or at least part of some sessions. 

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