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Agenda for next call
  1. Roll Call (by timezone - East to West)
  2. Scribe Shout-out - It's easy to scribe: How To Scribe Itana Notes
  3. Agenda Bash
  4. Medical College at Cornell's Cloud Journey - Mark Bronnimann
  5. Itana Org Updates
    1. Working Group Updates
      1. EA Maturity Model
      2. IoT Whitepaper
      3. API Working Group
      4. Business Architecture Working
    2. Book club update - Dave Gray, The Connected Company (2012)
    3. Steering Committee Update

Mark Bronnimann - Weill Conell Medicine - WCM Cloud Program

Have different needs than the campus

  • closely affiliated with a teaching hospital,
  • have needs re privacy and compliance. 
  • Close ties with other universities. 
  • Have programs in the middle east.

They are both Higher Ed and Healthcare - slow to adopt.

Silos of cloud implementations - mostly SaaS - like Office365.  Started as a colocated implementation of ActiveDirectory with another U.  

Now have ServiceNow, SAP, etc.   Different parts of the college and parts of the ITS each doing individual negotiations and implementations.

Slow on-premise installs.  Also costs of running a data center in NYC.  Cost per square foot.

Expectations have changed.  People expect much faster delivery.  Rapid provisioning.  Rapid turnaround.

Switched to a Cloud-First Strategy.   Not just lift and shift but leveraging cloud technologies natively.


  • Become a broker of cloud services:  put in place governance around strategies, wanted more data-driven decision-making
  • Dev. core capability to support cloud (CCoE):  implemented core services in Azure but then realized that they hadn't really leveraged the PaaS of Azure.  Didn't really do a cloud-first implementation leverage all the capabilities.


  • Limited direct  influence
    • IT not seen as a strategic partner.  
  • No mandate
  • Compliance (HIPAA and PCI)
    • Want to make this easy for Researchers (especially) to leverage cloud without worries about compliance worries

Customer Experience Initiative

  • "Customers contacting ITS will be only one step away from a solution."
  • Cloud really enables easy solutions for end-users.  (e.g. Amazon point-and-click to bring up a call center).
  • Researchers have been using containers for some time.  AWS/Azure do it better than ITS can do with Docker/Kuberneties

Cloud Program GSOT 

  • CX → Cloud First → Migrate our of 1300 Data Center, Cloud-First Solutions, CCoE, etc.
  • Training and Outreach and Collaboration

Maturity model for ITS as a Broker of Cloud Services from Gartner "Adapting IT to Become a Broker of Cloud Services (2017)"

  • Spoke with Amazon and Microsoft.  Engaged with professional services to do a jump start.  Used to develop CCoE and developing deployment patterns.
  • Have people trained and certified as cloud engineers now
  • Developed reference architectures
  • Only new service catalog entry is the Self-Service AWS solution.

The transformation is being the service broker for cloud solutions away from being developers.

CCoE Structure

Cloud Steering Committee - IT department now, grow to other partners too

CCoE - standards and best practices, RA, etc...

Cloud Ops Services - operations, disaster recovery, etc

Want to have the cloud solution part to be transparent to customers (they want an app running on a server don't need to know that it was deployed in the cloud).

NIST Cloud Computing Ref. Arch. (NIST 500-292)

  • Overlaid they roles of AWS vs. ITS.  
  • Overlap with Cloud Service Management, Security, and Privacy
  • Wants them using their Reference Architectures.  
  • Larger role than just the Cloud Broker
  • Want to be monitoring and auditing - make sure the accounts meet compliance/security needs

Care. Discover. Teach. (Mission of the college) is supported by

  • Business Capabilities are supported by
  • IT Capabilities are supported by
  • IT Solutions (AWS) are supported by
  • IT Components (AWS)

Target IT Org Changes - pulled the slide from Amazon

Spheres of Responsibilities

How they have made these changes:

Training - getting the certified architect/developer tracks and in-house

Collaboration - hands-on with project or service teams

Outreach - office house, geek sessions, federated good ideas.

Chat Log:

Ethan Kromhout: Would you be willing to share some specifics of the policies and other protections you built in AWS for your hipaa accounts?

J.J. Du Chateau (Wisconsin): Great slide! Asif Chinwalla - CHOP: Thanks for the inivte Mark. Great presentation. Do you have thoughts on how researchers (your customers) have dealt with the cost model - from institutional subbsidized CapEx, to charge back OpEx? Asif Chinwalla - CHOP: focus of conversation always seems to fall on cost, and not on opportunity of value in public cloud Asif Chinwalla - CHOP: no problem, thanks

Itana Org Updates

Business Architecture Group is up and Running - you can see the schedule on → Events

Next Book is announced.  Contact J.J. to join in the Book Club.

Next Call(s) 

Jan 12IoT Working Group Report Out
Jan 26EDUCAUSE - One of Four Focus Areas. Why is this important? How would you engage? What is front of mind for you?

See the 2017-2018 Itana Program for upcoming call topics.  You can also suggest a topic.  Have something you want to talk about?  Share?  Get feedback?  Let the Itana Steering Committee know.

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