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Young Professionals History at EDUCAUSE:

  • About 2 years ago - Young Professional Advisory Council was formed by John O’Brien
  • Make sure YP issues are voiced and addressed by EDUCAUSE.
  • First year figuring out role and scope.  Restricted to 35 and younger - can also be new in your career.
  • 2nd year - came up with specific ways to foster the voice of YP.  
  •  Many YP aren’t aware that their universities are members of EDUCAUSE
  •  Charged the YP CG.  Started in September 2017.
  • John O’Brien mentioned in CIO CG.  
  • Most of the efforts have been focused on promoting the CG at the conference.  Now they are focused on programming for the CG.  Would like to connect to other CGs.
  • Trying to create a place where people can congregate and feel comfortable with their peers.
  • Also focused on bringing a voice of the community and give feedback to  EDUCAUSE.
  • Also looking at the best leadership structure, programming, role of the Advisory Council in the CG, governance for the CG.
  • The Council wants to come up with a survey to gather more information about Young Professionals - what are the broad age ranges we are dealing with, experience level, positions, what are they looking for in their professional life, what is lacking, what role could EDUCAUSE play, how do they want to get information?


  • Have about 160 subscribers to the CG.  Quiet list.  Had about 20 in the room for the CG meeting.  
  • People felt like they want mentoring opportunities - usually have access to people who are very senior to them - they want mentorship from people who are 5 years older to them, in the next job level.  It is good to have a network of peers and mentors.
  • Some people want to know where they belong.  They are looking for a community but they don’t know where they belong.  They don’t want the technical communities (MS, Google, etc).
  • Many people stumbled upon the CG.  Don’t know what the CG means.




  • Has the group mentioned credentials or badges as methods to acknowledge expertise in lieu of formal degrees?
  • No.  Not at either the Advisory Council or CG.  The people in the meeting didn’t mention it.  They are just looking for a peer network.  One person said, “Technically, they are the future leaders.  If we form a network now, it will serve us as grow our careers over the next 10 years.”
  • Really looking for a mentors/coaches that are more relatable.
  • Jim:  There is a venn diagram overlap between people in Itana who are new to Architecture and the YP CG.  How do we scaffold both and support each other.  
  • We are happy to have you join a Steering Committee call to talk about how we run Itana if you would like.
  • Matt:  3 years new to his role and sees great value in a peer group, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Rupert:  There is research about Millennials, leveraging the research in forming your outreach.  Tina:  Millennials is a bit of an allergenic term.  Also the cohort is always shifting.  The research doesn’t hold with the millennials in higher education IT - it shifts their preferences and culture away from the traditional-millennial.

Chat History:

Beth Schaefer (UW-Milwaukee): John O'Brien is the President and CEO of EDUCAUSE

Brenda Reeb (IData): Tina - has the group mentioned credentials or badges as methods to acknowledge expertise in lieu of formal degrees?

Jim  Phelps:

Jim  Phelps: Feb 23 Book Club Report out.

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