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  • Greg Charest, Raoul Sevier, Harvard University

  • J.J. du Chateau, University of Wisconsin

  • Maher Shinouda, University of Waterloo

  • Piet Niederhausen, University of Washington (scribe)


Discussion items

We reviewed the brainstorming ideas from the last Itana call:

  • Clarified that on the Strategy row, while project and product strategy can be part of a more mature practice, we think it would tend toward portfolios of projects and products rather than focusing just on individual ones

We restated and clarified some of our assumptions about the model:

  • Increasing maturity does not necessary doing more different things in a quantitative -- for example, covering more domains in Coverage, or using more methods in Mechanisms

  • Rather, increasing maturity means, for example, having clarity in each selected area of scope, getting more repeatable at extending coverage to new domains; or using each method most effectively, and getting repeatable at using it, training others in it, etc.

Everyone on the call filled in ideas using virtual stickies in the Attribute Brainstorming grid.

We discussed our additions. This resulted in:

  • We saw that governance cropped up repeatedly and decided that Governance should be its own attribute -- at least for now. We used the Other column for this purpose. Considerations are:

    • Governance is a very important topic for EA practitioners, at multiple levels, and it could make sense for it to be highly visible in the maturity model

    • On the other hand, as we discuss further, if it turns out that governance is more of a means to an end, then possibly it should not be its own category

  • We considered combining Coverage and Engagement but decided not to for now (the rationale for doing this would be that the degree of Engagement EA has in a domain is a measure of its maturity in Coverage in the domain)

Action items

  • We’ll ask everyone in the working group to contribute their ideas to the Attribute Brainstorming grid over the next week, in a free-form manner
  • One or two people will process the information into a proposed draft for review -- we think one or two people will be able to do this more quickly and with more structure than if we try to do it as a group effort