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1) Roll Call (by timezone - East to West)

Louis King – Yale

2) Scribe Shout-out - It's easy to scribe: How To Scrspibe Itana Notes

3) Agenda Bash

a)  New Logistics Next Year – Different platform for calls next year as Adobe Connect is being dropped.  Please provide input via the Member survey.

b) Member Survey – For ALL members regardless of whether or not you attended calls

    • A review of the topics covered this year and your take-aways
    • Questions about format (day and call time, call recording, etc) for next year
    • Topics of interest

Please provide response in the next week or 2 as this provides valuable feedback to the Itana Steering Committee.

c) 2 more calls this semester:  EA Maturity Model and Year end wrap-up

4) Book Club - Phoenix Project Report Out - Peter Salvitti


  • Book is very relatable to IT folks
  • Work Center - The “machine,” the person, the method, and the measures (i.e., metrics)
  • Change usually comes about as a result of a failure of crisis
  • The 3 Ways
    • ”systems thinking,” left-to-right flow of work – fast flow of work through operations
    • “amplify feedback loops,” right-to-left flow of constant feedback – avoid unnecessary work
    • “continual test-and-learn,” continuous improvement – encourage experimentation
      • Accept failure but fail and fix fast
      • Kata (Toyota Lean manufacturing) – Repetitive practice and power of habit
      • 4 Types of Work
        • Business Projects
        • Internal IT changes
        • Changes
        • Unplanned work, or recovery work ← the killer! (accrues technical debt, firefighting that leaves little time for planning)


    • There is something akin to Business debt (e.g. un-optimized business and governance processes) as well as technical debt
    • DevOps approach can be applied to both an organization and to an EA practice

Additional resources

    • Very rich content at and on the IT Revolution YouTube channel
    • “The REAL business of IT” by Richard Hunter and George Westerman
    • DevOps Handbook – Non-fiction, tactical side of the 3 ways with case studies

5) Itana Org Updates

6) Working Group Updates

a) EA Maturity Model

    • Next call 1:00 PM Eastern time Wed (6/7/2017), additional members welcome.  See Itana Events calendar for more info.
    • Shaping high level framework (maturity characteristics and levels of maturity)
    • Need to frame how this will be used
    • Will start fleshing out details after Wed’s meeting

b) IoT Whitepaper

    • Next call Tues (6/20/2017)
    • Focusing on characteristics within Higher Ed that would create unique situations for IoT

c) API Working Group

    • Meets 4th Thursday of the month, 6/22/2017 last meeting for this semester
    • Next meeting topic is API security with focus on authorization

d) Steering Committee Update

    • EDUCAUSE Face2Face - “Itana Face2Face 2017: The Shifting Role of Enterprise and Business Architecture in a SaaS and BYOE World”.  Pre-conference, all day, hands-on/interactive seminar.  10/31/2017, Philadelphia, PA  (BYOHT – Bring your own Halloween treats)
    • Distributed Institutions – Jim Phelps is starting discussions on what it mean to our strategy, data, processes, operations, etc. to say that our institutions are highly distributed.  If interested, send email to Itana Steering Committee.
    • EDUCAUSE Executive meeting – Jim Phelps will be giving a presentation on what does “Digital” mean in Higher Ed at this group’s summer meeting
    • ITSM Community Group – Continued outreach to ITSM CG group for shared webinar opportunities with Itana