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  1. Roll Call (by timezone - East to West)
  2. Agenda Bash
  3. Service Portfolio Management, Chris Eagle,  U-Mich
  4. Itana Org Updates
    1. Working Group Updates
      1. EA Maturity Model
      2. IoT Whitepaper
      3. API Working Group
    2. Book club update
    3. Steering Committee Update


Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out

EA Maturity Model

Reviewed and discussed various models for scale and applicability.  Will discuss next week which is best fit.

IoT White Paper


API Working Group

Next call next week will focus on IAM for APIs

Last week was developer portals


Book Club Update

Discussed insights and take aways.  


Steering Committee

Haven't met since last call.

Fall face to face at Educause planning has begun.

Planning topics for next year.  And looking into requests, like recording phone calls.  Haven't wanted to before and not set up to do it.  Maybe some portions can be recorded.

Service Portfolio Management, Chris Eagle, U-Mich

Presentation slides

Customer Value Model
Everyone consistently over-estimates the amount of things they do that they consider to be Product Leadership.  For us, this is less material, as the key right now is to have the conversations.

Project Outcomes

Jim Phelps (train): This is similar to the UW Strategy Management outcomes and limitations: We don't make sure the strategies are right (Ray and Rupert correct me if I'm wrong). We might steer som.e

Jim Phelps (train): We also found that just having them written down and shared broke down silos and started conversations

Jim Phelps 2: Yes, our focus at the moment is to help people express strategies and align strategies
















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