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  4. Business Analysis for Technical Service Delivery - José Cedeno (OSU)
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Jim Phelps, Washington; Jose Cedeno, Oregon State; Beth Schaefer, UW-Milwaukee; Ceri Davis, Cardiff; Chris Eagle, Michigan; Dan Kiskis, Michigan; Daniel Black, Miami/OH; J.J. Du Chateau, Wisconsin; James,?; Larry,?; Nicole Mcwhirter, Piet Niederhausen, Washington; Ray Polakovic; Walter Green, Arkansas; 

Announcements - Itana News, Working Group Report out

Next call is Book Club.  J.J. says author will talk to the book club on Wednesday 11/30.  Send email to J.J. for logistics, or look on the Itana calendar on the Wiki.  Two calls next week for the book club, also on the Itana calendar.

Call after that is communities.  There will be guest attendees from a number of organizations (that I didn't catch in time to write down).  Details on the Itana site.

There was a good discussion on the last API working group.  The next call will be on API design.

Business architecture working group is moving forward.  The first call will be early 2017.  Good opportunity to reach out to business architects on campus (maybe outside of central IT or in a business analyst role).

Business Analysis for Technical Service Delivery

Presentation by Jose from OSU. Materials Here (link needed).

Piet N gave feedback on Documents slide.  Suggested that the viewpoint should be moving towards workflow and away from raw documents. This led to several minute of discussion about where different people were at regarding process vs. raw docs and approaches to moving the conversation more towards process/business value & outcome.

OSU is still figuring out details of "Are we there yet?" slide.   Which lego blocks to put in place.  

Daniel Black: Scope just for business problems & infrastructure or can it be used for academic/student applications? Jose: these are the building blocks.  Other apps should be built on them.  Building blocks are at a high-level.

Jim P: Central IT often chooses between being a business transformation partner or commodity provider. Which is OSU aiming for? 

Timeframe for completion? 3-4 months to first draft. Should reflect org structure.  

Metrics for adoption? OSU recently hired new person to do this.  Adherence to the building blocks are important to the success of the initiative.

Jim P suggested Jose report back on this later.

Jose asked group what tools/approaches have they used to communicate this kind of topic.  Jim P: MESAs and the CORA model are two, as well as standard business transformation approaches. The communication and business transformation process is very challenging.  

Piet brought up that this framework inevitably leads to services and service management, and while it can be daunting there are tools and processes to help with it. (e.g. ITIL)

Dan K. mentioned ways to structure a service catalog (ECAR & Gartner resources).

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