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  • Book Club: Discussion of Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture led by J.J. Du Chateau (U of Wisconsin)
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Book Club report out: Discussion of Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture, J.J. Du Chateau (U of Wisconsin)

Chess and the Art of EA report out (MS PowerPoint)

Follow-up Ideas

  • Write up a wiki page on "How to run an Itana book club"
  • One book club / quarter (Art of the Long View, Something on "emergence"
  • Send any interest in running the book club to the Itana mailing list

Chat Notes

Jim Phelps: We call this the SME Map - where we, the EA team, will set up the framework and the high level landscape but leave it up to the SMEs to fill in the details

Jim Phelps: Scenario Planning - The Art of the Long View

Chris Eagle (Michigan): what kind of organization are you?

Itana Org Updates

  • In-reach call in 2 weeks (Dec 16) with Susan Graejek (EDUCAUSE), Ann West (I2), Brenda/Bernadette (Women in IT),
  • Expect survey in near future

Working Group Updates

  • No update for API working group
  • No update for business architecture working group

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