1. Roll Call East to West

  2. Scribe for call

  3. Agenda Bash

  4. Itana Administration

  5. Facilitating Strategic Thinking - Gabriela Redwine, Digital Archivist and Louis King, Enterprise Architect




  • Scott Fullerton retired and rolled off ITANA.  Scott was foundational to ITANA at its beginning and helped drive many ITANA initiatives, Face2Face meetings, and the Steering Committee

  • Next ITANA F2F will be at the EDUCAUSE national conference this Fall in Anaheim California … this workshop could include continuing to work on deliverables from the Spring F2F

  • API management group remains active and had an update but I missed it

  • If you are interested in serving on the ITANA Steering Committee, send an email to: The ITANA Steering Committee Discussion Listserv itana-steering@LISTSERV.EDUCAUSE.EDU


  • Facilitating Strategic Thinking - Gabriela Redwine, Digital Archivist and Louis King, Enterprise Architect

  • Web Archiving strategy development provided an example of a system wide partnership

  • First few weeks spend storming and norming

  • Louis discussed soft skills training provided by MOR Leaders

  • Campus leaders receptive to a facilitated discussion

  • Learned that building a strategy would be more effective than building a program

    • Developed goals

      • Acquisition

      • Access
  • Relied upon campus facilitation resources to allow for full stakeholder participation
  • MOR Approach
    • Basic SWOT approach
  • Strategic Plan for Web Archiving:

  • Not trying to write the plan but providing guidance....a liberating instruction
  • Stated goal was to produce a strategic plan but it brought knowledge of web archiving up to a common level
  • Strategy building process experience started to build common bonds across campus
  • Tactical approaches revealed a great deal of overlap
  • Categorized Tactics
    • Practice
    • Communications
    • Resources
    • Community


University of Michigan

  • One of the better uses SWOT. 
  • Similar to MESA work

University of Washington

  • Flipped SWOT
  • Look at OT first
  • Need to shift groups when moving from strategic to tactical.  Planned or Unexpected?


  • Developed cross campus web archiving teams
  • Funding of the university has not recognized the value of the web archiving effort out of the libraries
  • Working on an adoption model by building the community of practice based upon the strategy
  • Intent on keeping the writing group small and changing team composition at times
  • Important to have a person with strategic planning experience (Louis) on the team


From the Adobe Connect whiteboard:

Presentation Materials: 


From the Adobe Connect chat window:

Jim Phelps: Hello Chris


Chris Eagle (Michigan): i'm not really here. Trying to do 2 meetings at the same time, but the other one has priority


Chris Eagle (Michigan): Chris Eagle, Michigan!


Piet Niederhausen (UWash): For anyone who would like to scribe ... here are the last call's minutes as a template:


Piet Niederhausen (UWash): The materials that will be referred to are here:


Dana Miller-Miami University of Ohio: Thanks Piet. I'm scribing.


Jim Phelps: How many of you have been through MOT ITLP or a campus version of it? (We have a Leadership Development Program here at UW that is based on MOR ITLP)


Jim Phelps: This is a common pattern that I find myself in: I'm a strong facilitator but I also have a role where I'm a SME and need to have a voice at the table. I've had to either partner to find another facilitator or "switch hats" in the room and say, "I'm putting on my EA hat now..."


Jim Phelps: Louis?


Jim Phelps: THat is an interesting flip of the SWOT to be OT first


Piet Niederhausen (UWash): Louis is referring to:


Piet Niederhausen (UWash): I think that's a key observation -- you were dealing with a large complex problem space, and the initial group was invaluable for setting context and direction, but another group needed to work on the next level of detail down.


Jim Phelps: The facilitation tools I've heard so far: I Time, Dot Voting, Affinity Mapping


Jim Phelps: That is an interesting separation between Tactics and Strategy. The strategy set the future state goals. The tactics are next steps towards those goals.


Piet Niederhausen (UWash): Great observation about letting thinking happen before writing ... to me this also reflects different roles and skill sets that need to be involved at different points for the whole effort to be effective.


Piet Niederhausen (UWash): Great collaboration and joint presentation! Thank you so much!



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