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From the Adobe Connect attendee list (may not include people who only called in):


  • The API working group had a great presentation from the University of Waterloo. The Waterloo initiative started by working with students who had already started APIs for public data and turned into an Open Data API. The working group continues to share information with each other.

  • Rupert Berk and Dan Kiskis will be at the Garner EA Summit; join them if you’re going


Report out from the Face2Face -- also see the Post Conference Notes

  • The F2F group created a high level “value chain” for EA engagements (links are to notes):

  • Plus supporting activities:

  • The F2F started out being about leadership skills for architects; the group struggled with this on the first day, and then revised its agenda/backlog to put leadership skills in the context of the above actions/value chain

  • Luke: The group was interested in creating a “playbook” for architects -- what tools are available, what are they useful for, what order might they be used in -- while recognizing that each engagement is different, with different appropriate approaches

  • Dana: Looking back at the “value chain”, it’s a general flow for leadership and creativity, creating an action plan

  • Rupert: “Storytelling” was a theme that runs across the activities in the “value chain”. It’s an important skill for bringing people together and creating continuity. (We need to add notes on this.)

  • Feedback from the call:

    • This looks like a great resource

    • Really appreciate the links to specifics, examples, books, etc.

    • Like the format; these are good facets to explore in a similar format

    • Could use a call to build out this documentation more, or find some other way to encourage people to continue to build out the content

    • In the F2F we saw differences between EA practices even in the 10-14 people at the F2F; some practices emphasize different parts of the “value chain” more

    • The activities could become topics in future calls

    • Defining EA as a service (combining the activities and methods) could be a good topic for a call

    • Kudos for the “unconference” format and the way it was executed


From the Adobe Connect whiteboard:


Piet Niederhausen (UWash): Waterloo:

Luke Tracy - UMich:

Piet Niederhausen (UWash): This page:

Piet Niederhausen (UWash): If you didn't get a browser window, that's the link.

Louis: Came a few minutes late. Please add to role call. Thx.

Piet Niederhausen (UWash): Just for reference, the Architecture Methods materials from the 2015 Spring Face2Face:

Piet Niederhausen (UWash): An example "playbook" in a slightly different domain (business analysis):

Luke Tracy - UMich:

Louis: Folks, Nice job on reporting out on the conference. Great resources. Thanks so much. Gotta run a little early today but, Yay!

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