no addition to agenda
steering update - Brenda Reeb took new position. Working on her new business.
Hopefully will stay with Steering.
spring f2f. ~12 attending in 2 weeks (4/20-22).
still have room in st louis to join. register on the wiki.
no call in 2 weeks (4/22/16). next call is scheduled for 5/6/16.
Bob Dein could not attend to give his talk on "Planning using EA, Case Study". going
JimP beginning a new project - “Innovation Zone”.
EIP and EW - Access To Data
EIP pulls data out of Workday (and other feeds) to aggregate share info out.
similar to what he did at Wisc on curriculum data.
a place to work on good practice on innovation layer (re PACE Layer from
innovation listed as competency. how to innovate that roll into production. It’s
about learning.
creating a strategy to access data. modifying existing practices as well.
realigning security to have a common model as well.
also realigning governance and management
conceptual strawman - 3 tiers of data use
want easy. light. contained impact. controlled escalation.
need to capture and prove business value. (group layer)
then move into enterprise tier — utility and warranty. Notre Dame also has
BI tiering that is similar.
Q - Missed Question/Comment from Louis@Yale.
Jim - API management view/domain
Q - Mike Janke @Minn attempting to do something similar. "Integration Hub”.
Do ETL in common env.
Jim - EIP -> EDW screenshot.
want to join enterprise integration once and do it well, including
metadata tool.
not all need to go into EIP.
transactional (need state) won’t go in EIP either.
Q - have you considered data virtualization?
Jim - EIP basically caching, rewrites every 2 hours.
Enterprise Info Management Capabilities.
need to align the two groups. tightly.
integration development there because people abuse the BI interface to
do that kind of work.
Q - what bottlenecks you see?
Jim - get data out of Workday and well defined.
Jim - BI analytics. finding right source of enterprise data, brought in,
documented, match needs of user.
EIP has some APIs for IAM (not shown in slides)
DAMA DMBOK2 ( - find it good
for discussion
DAC (data access control) and SMAT (security management access? tool) layer
between EDW and reports/virts, etc.
policies are separate from control
need to define what is the governance, driver, values, processes, reqs for
Personal/Group/Enterprise tiers. then lead into a maturity model.
committees have been mostly reactive, and not proactive. move to strategy, not
tactical. be data driven. guardrail -> data management and treat data as an
asset to deliver business value.
Q - What do you use for diagrams?
mostly from google, or lucid in google. non-proprietary
definitely wants input on the Personal/Group/Enterprise. capture ideas in an
innovative process.
Q - library services, academic materials. measure/understanding use?
Jim - enterprise meaningful via a management layer. can measure then.
process info. increase business value by offering.
willing share slides decks now or when closer to being finalized.
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