Jim Phelps
Beth Schaefer
Bob Dein (Miami)
Chris Eagle
Dan Kiskis
Dana Miller (Miami)
Daniel Black (Miami)
Luke Tracy
Piet Niederhausen (UWash)
Rupert Berk (UWash)
Scott Fullerton (Unizin)
Org updates:
Steering commitee: Beth on board
Jim Phelps: presentation from I2. Will try to strengthen relationship between Itana and I2.
Presentation on Development of student-centered APIs.  About 5 ppl attended.  Otherwise shop talk.
Face2Face: 12 ppl signed up.  Possibly a few more to come.
Agenda: unConference.  Specific topics to be decided at conference
Influence and leadership skills for architects to drive decisions
What are the personal expectations of the attendees?  Especially looking at the skills v. talent conundrum.   How can introvert/analytical people be effective leaders/influencers?
Winter Wrap Up:
Highlights of the calls since January 2016.
Jan 15: Research Data: Issues around curation and portability of research data, such as from lab notebooks.  Interest in working on a reference architecture on research data.
Jan 29: Signature Ready Examples: Review of some of the examples.  E.g., the taxonomy from UM hasn't proven to be as useful as expected.  Possible future topic: Capability Mapping using Troux by Planview.  Interest in sharing capability maps as examples for our own work. 
Feb 12: Enterprise Systems Guidance 
Feb 26:  Using Capabilities Maps for common discussion and decision points: Bringing a non-architect person to speak to us is great value.  Fits with our goal of helping with communication and common understanding between architects and non-architects.  Should we have more of these?  General interest by the group.  Challenge may be to get the outside person to be interested and comfortable with talking with us. How to encourage them.  Possible topic for f2f: reaching across the aisle to the business side.  
Mar 11: Practice of Architecture: Plan to have about 3 calls like this per year.  
Preview of upcoming calls and meeting.  
Piet Niederhausen (UWash): Slides are also at that link.
Piet Niederhausen (UWash): Troux:
Dana Miller (Miami University of Ohio): I believe it is useful!!
Piet Niederhausen (UWash): Minutes from Janke call:
Jim  Phelps: The Future Call Ideas are at the bottom of this page:
Jim  Phelps: The EA Best Practices on this page are now in the Library here:
Jim  Phelps: Planning using EA, Case Study2016/17 planning recap: EA identified 18 worthwhile EA initiatives and rated them by Effort and Value and recommended that 7 go forward based on the scoring and available architecture resources.
Jim  Phelps: What no call on April 22
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