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Are you interested in leading a session? Please contact the ITANA Steering Committee.

The ITANA program is intended not just for enterprise architects, but for a wider audience including:

  • Business architecture -- Business architects, business stakeholders, business leaders, etc.

  • Information architecture --  Information architects, data stewards, business and technical consumers, et.

  • Technical architecture -- Technical architects, technical project managers and teams, etc.

Autumn 2015 Call Program 





Sep 25


2015-2016 Kickoff call
Facilitator: Jim Phelps

  • New ITANA branding

  • New Steering Committee

  • Face2Face 2015

  • Program for the year

  • What’s up on your campus - add to comments

Oct 9

Signature-Ready EA

Introduction to Signature-Ready EA
Facilitator: Chris Eagle

Oct 23Practice of Architecture

Spreading EA skills across the organization

Facilitator: Jim Phelps

Slides are here.

Oct 27Signature-Ready EAITANA Face2Face: Signature-Ready Enterprise Architecture
Nov 6Signature-Ready EA Report out from the ITANA Face2Face
Facilitator: Chris Eagle

Nov 20Case Studies

University of California System EA Framework

  • Mojgan Amini, UCSD
  • Jerome McEvoy, UC Enterprise Architect
  • Garbriel Gonzalez, Chair - UC IT Architecture Group (ITAG)
  • Lakshmi Dasari, Vice-chair UC ITAG

Minutes (Scott Fullerton)

Dec 4Business Domains
Implementing Data Governance
Two Itana members interview a non-IT person about their perspective of implementing data governance. Two 15-minute interviews followed by Q&A. 
University of Rochester
Alan Czaplicki, Deputy to the Provost
Interviewed by Brenda Reeb, Information Architect
Yale University
Limor Peer, Associate Director of Research, Institute for Social and Policy Studies, Member of the Data Governance Committee
Interviewed by Louis E. King, Enterprise Architect

Minutes (Scott Fullerton)

Dec 18n/a

Autumn 2015 Wrap-Up

Facilitator: Chris Eagle

Minutes (Scott Fullerton)

Winter 2016 Call Program





Jan 15

Practice of Architecture

Research Data - Data and Curation Concerns

Facilitator: Scott Fullerton

Overview and presentation

Jan 29

Signature-Ready EA

Signature Ready Examples

Examples of documents not yet assessed by ITANA
and suggested uses for them.

Chris Eagle, University of Michigan 


Minutes (Chris Eagle)

Feb 12

Business Domains

Enterprise Systems Guidance

Michael Janke, Univ. Minnesota System

Minutes (Bob Dein)
Feb 26Case Studies

Using Capabilities Maps for common discussion and decision points.

Chuck Benson
Chair UW IT Service Management Board &
Assistant Director for IT, Facilities Services
University of Washington 


Minutes (Scott Fullerton)

Mar 11Practice of ArchitectureRound Table - Discussion of architecture related challenges at your university.Minutes (Piet Niederhausen)
Mar 25n/aWinter 2016 Wrap-UpMinutes (Chris Eagle)

Spring 2016 Call Program





Apr 8

Signature-Ready EA

Planning using EA, Case Study

2016/17 planning recap: EA identified 18 worthwhile EA initiatives and rated them by Effort and Value and recommended that 7 go forward based on the scoring and available architecture resources.

Bob Dein
Enterprise Architect, Miami University

Minutes (Chris Eagle)
Apr 22
No Call - Spring Face2Face April 20-22
April 20-22Face2Face MeetingSpring 2016 Face2FacePost Conference Notes
May 6Business DomainsSpring 2016 Face2Face recap and discussionMinutes (Piet Niederhausen)
May 20Case Studies Commoditizing Cloud Adoption - Oren SreebnyMinutes (Piet Niederhausen)
Jun 3Signature-Ready EA

Facilitating Strategic Thinking - Gabriela Redwine, Digital Archivist and Louis King, Enterprise Architect

Download resources as background to the conversation.

Jun 17Practice of ArchitectureRound Table - Discussion of architecture related challenges at your university.Minutes (Rupert Berk)
Jul 1n/a2015-2016 Wrap-Up

Future Call Ideas:

  • More Capabilities Maps!
  • Flourence D. Hudson, I2 on Internet of Things
  • Enterprise Architecture Tools - Troux
  • More Business Partner Presentations
  • Reaching across to your Business Partners - giving yourself permission to build relationships
  • No general membership conference calls are schedule for Summer quarter.

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