• Chris Hubing Penn State
  • Dana Miller Miami U
  • Jeff Minelli Penn State
  • Luke Trace U Mich
  • Scott Fullerton Unizin
  • Louis King Yale
  • Chris Eagle U Mich
  • Jim Phelps U Wash.
  • Brenda Reeb University of Rochester
  • Ashish Pandit  UC San Diego
  • Daniel Black U Miami
  • Jose Cedeño Oregon State
  • Dan Kiskis U Mich
API sub group report

Review of micro-services context mapping, ...

Exciting to see the group maturing

Planning one more session on the topic either in January or February.  Will touch on the person model on the APIs

F2F planning

Still looking for meeting space and date ranges will be determine accordingly

End of period wrap-up: what worked, what hasn't
  1. First Call: new branding, Steering Cmte changes, look forward to upcoming calendar, round table of what was coming in higher ed.
  2. Beginning of Oct: signature ready EA.  Review of Spring F2F.  Reviewed a fair number of examples.  U Mich is using some more.  
    1. Louis: liked in person exposure to material.  Liked the  MESA diagrams to help transition into a service oriented org.  
    2. Chris: 40 MESAs done (not yet available to public; expect them to be in early spring).  
    3. Used a capability map for higher ed.  Plan to talk about that in upcoming call.  Do others have capability map for higher ed?   Chris suggested we define a reference capability.
      1. Dana: drafted one over the last year.  It's an attempt.  It's in a spreadsheet and used for configuration management.
      2. Jim: Piet and Jenni are working on something similar.  would be interesting to get them back on the call.
      3. Chris: make this a topic for upcoming discussion?  YES.
    4. Found focus on collaborative work needed to get signatures was quite interesting.
  3. 10/23 Spreading the EA skills across the organization: Jim's presentation.  End to end business process mapping, embedded architecture, business architecture, data architecture, EA interface.  There is a strong core in the EA team that needs to draw from and support federated architecture (architecture in place)
    1. Louis: was impressed by the orchestration – facilitating collaboration, disseminating knowledge to spread the load and to work with those closest to getting the work done.
    2. Chris: 3 challenges: explaining what we do, expressing the value, getting the resources.  This call was quite helpful in addressing the third topic.
  4. F2F: 25 people.  Majored in signature-ready artifacts and minored in facilitation.  Many valuable case studies.  
    1. Dana: did repurpose the strategy-on-a-page document and has been using it in an engagement.  Also interested in MESA diagram
    2. Dan: Facilitation techniques have been helpful in developing MESA diagrams.
  5. UC Presentation on the UC System EA framework 
    1. UC System seems to have a history of being a well-integrated system.  It seems to require a cohesive system to pull it off.
    2. Ashish: Need to focus more on principles and guidelines before moving into standards.
  6. Data Governance: Yale and Rochester presentations.   More calls?  and what kind of take-aways.
    1. Liked the give and take
    2. fun to be part of the presentation.

Other pluses or deltas?

  1. A big plus to have the structure.  Helps to plan and set expectations; makes the content more memorable.


  1. Get a sign-up sheet for minutes so the burden can be shared. Jim will confirm minute taking as a standard part of the agenda