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From the 2014 EDUCAUSE Top Ten Issues List.  The theme of the list this year is "Be The Change You See".

ITANA call participants voted to proceed through the list in the following order.  The number indicated where this topic landed on the EDUCAUSE list.  Items that have been struck through have been covered on a bi-weekly ITANA call.

1. Improving student outcomes through an institutional approach that strategically leverages technology

2. Establishing a partnership between IT leadership and institutional leadership to develop a collective understanding of what information technology can deliver

10. Developing an enterprise IT architecture that can respond to changing conditions and new opportunities*

6. Changing IT funding models to sustain core service, support innovation, and facilitate growth

5. Using analytics to help drive critical institutional outcomes

3. Assisting faculty with the instructional integration of information technology

4. Developing an IT staffing and organizational model to accommodate the changing IT environment and facilitate openness and agility

8. Sourcing technologies and services at scale to reduce costs (via cloud, greater centralization of institutional IT services and systems, cross-institutional collaborations, and so forth)

9. Determining the role of online learning and developing a strategy for that role

7. Addressing access demand and the wireless and device explosion

10. Implementing risk management and information security practices to protect institutional IT resources/data and respond to regulatory compliance mandates*

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