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Attending Matthew Economou, Heather Flanagan, Mary McKee, Janemarie Duh (chair), Eric Kool-Brown, Keith Wessel (vice chair), Jessica Coltrin, Matthew Brookover, Judith Bush, Eric Goodman, Michael Grady

With Nick Roy, David Walker, IJ Kim, Albert Wu, Dave Shafer, Ian Young, James Babb, Ann West, Steve Zoppi, Shannon Roddy

Action Items

  • Janemarie post to TAC list to figure out if we will have a call on June 20th (limited attendance due to travel by a lot of members).
  • Mary share draft IdPaaS survey with TAC list for feedback.
  • Albert and Janemarie share the “Developing Federation Participation Maturity Model (aka Badging)” working doc with the TAC list for feedback.

Intellectual Property Reminder - All Internet2 activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework.

Public Content Notice - TAC minutes are public documents. Please let the TAC and note taker know if you plan to discuss something of a sensitive nature.

Agenda bash

No changes

Trust & Identity + InCommon Ops Update

New wiki in the works: InCommon Federation Library as part of the website update. Albert sent a link to the group for the new wiki space. Requests people let him know if there are any things you want to see added/changed/etc. It’s OK to share this new documentation with colleagues, but keep in mind this is a work in progress. Is there a way to group the categories for easier parsing - more a UI layout question than the actual names of the categories? Eric and Albert will sync up offline about this. Ann volunteers to take a 10 minute tour of the new web site at the end of the call. Go-live is set for Wednesday, June 12.

Nick says Ian reports no SAML 1-only IdPs left in InCommon. Only about 20 SAML 1-only SPs. XSLs wrapped up today. Nick and Babb can do outreach to the SPs.

International Updates

Meeting in Estonia for TNC in two weeks. The week after that is Identiverse, mostly commercial, enterprise, government, very little R&E. Will be really interesting. Hard to choose which things to attend. RA21 work is wrapping up, finishing up the revised recommended practices doc this week. Hoping to have this out to NISO for acceptance. Formal publishing by June 21.

We’ll have 5, possibly 6 people for the next TAC call. Janemarie will post to the list - may skip that call.

Working Groups and TAC/CTAB/CACTI collaboration Updates

OIDC Deployment (Eric K-B/Eric G)
No meeting last Tuesday- need to renew the appointment schedule. Kicking tires on the Shib OIDC plugin. Looking at integration with Duke’s CAR, attending a meeting with Ken/Duke/etc this afternoon to discuss.

REFEDS Federation 2.0 (Judith)
TNC workshop in two weeks. Written survey, had people classify their experience: 440 years of experience on the survey. Classified background, about ⅓ not from federations or academic IT space, which is good.

IdP as a Service (Mary)
Working on the survey, starting to get a finer point on the differentiators in terms of audiences, who is viewing this, IdPaaS as primary solution vs. supplement, etc. Mary will share a link to the doc with the TAC for additional feedback. Need to figure out how to probe “what would your identity store be?”, etc.

CACTI update (Jessica)
Jessica gave update on TAC workplan with CACTI, lots of interest in CACTI re: Badging. NET+ has a badging program where there may be overlap. REN-ISAC also working on badging. Venn diagram of badging activities, probably need to track this closer. AAF did a scoring activity a few years back. Question from CACTI about will there be a WG? Eduroam Advisory Commitee - “eAC” charter nearing completion. Will report through CACTI. Charter will go out for community consultation.

CTAB update (Eric G)
Badging was a topic on the CTAB discussion as well - sub-group looking at this. Kevin mentioned that badging is coming up in virtually every meeting he’s in now. One thing to be wary of is that Badging needs to not drive people to a single arbitrary behavior, but to better overall behavior. CTAB working on wrapping up Baseline Expectations, next steps. SIRTFI also interested in figuring out how to do email validations. This also applies to Baseline Expectations. What is a reasonable mechanism for this? May have overlap with TAC - features in Federation Manager, etc.

Badging update

Reviewed of badging work.

Discussion of the current approach, it was suggested to take a more simple, speedy approach - start with displaying what’s in metadata in a human-readable way and evolve from there. Could add in some self-certification to begin with.

TAC membership for 2020

Have to have another strategy for nomination because of lateness of TechEx. Will revisit next time.

Review of new InCommon web site

Ann reviewed some slides about reasons for creating a new website, goals of the new website - unify all TI stuff under one brand, integrated message. This was followed by a quick overview of the new website.

For next time

InCommon roadmap for adoption of OASIS SAML subject identifiers.

Next Meeting - June 20, 2019 - 1 pm

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