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Attending: Judith Bush, Heather Flanagan, Jessica Coltrin, Matt Brookover, Matthew Economou, Mike Grady, Mary McKee, Eric Goodman, Keith Wessel, Janemarie Duh

With: S. Roddy, Dave Shafer, Albert Wu, David Walker, Shilen Patel, David Bantz, Ian Young, Steve Zoppi

Action Items

  • (AI) TAC to review and commen ton Albert's Draft InCommon Metadata Registration Practices Statement.
  • (AI) TAC to review and comment on NISO RA21 reccomendations before May 17th closing.
  • (AI) Submit TechEx proposals before May 17th closing.
  • (AI) Janemarie to reach out to TechEx Planning to reserve room for TAC Face-2-Face at TechEx.
  • (AI) Share with TAC members links to Shilen's slides and Zoom recording when available.

Intellectual Property Reminder - All Internet2 activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework.

Public Content Notice - TAC minutes are public documents. Please let the TAC and note taker know if you plan to discuss something of a sensitive nature.

T&I Ops Update

SAML 1.1 report deferred until next meeting.

Internet2 has posted a new draft of the metadata practice statement, requesting input from TAC. eduGAIN has requested that all federations update their metadata practice statements to conform to a new REFEDS documentation requirement. There is also an upcoming location and formatting changes due to upcoming InCommon website updates.

International Update

The NISO public comment period for the RA21 output, “Recommended Practices for Improved Access to Institutionally-Provided Information Resources” is open through 17 May 2019. Twenty-seven comments have been received so far; TAC individuals are encouraged to review and add further comments as appropriate. If you’d like to catch up through the latest webinar, that is available online:

The agenda for the REFEDS meeting in June (in conjunction with TNC19) has been finalized: The entire week is going to be full of valuable sessions on digital identity, starting with REFEDS and ending with the Federation 2.0 workshop.

If international trips are not in your budget, another meeting to watch is Identiverse, to be held in Washington, DC, the week after TNC19. While not focused on academia, the agenda looks quite impressive:

Back to international events, the Identity and Access Management Task Force (TF-IAM) is starting to build its agenda for the meeting at APAN 48 in Malaysa (22-26 July 2019). If you cannot attend that meeting, it is useful to review the slides from the various presenters to get a sense of the challenges and activities in the federations found in that part of the world. Presentations from the most recent APAN can be found here:

Additional information on the comment period for the RA21 doc - There have been 27 comments so far. Some indicate substantial misunderstanding of federated IDM.

Working Group Updates

Deployment Profile WG - Keith presented final report to Steering. Steering unanimously accepted the report. Huzzah!

REFEDS Federation 2.0: Data collection continues for the scenarios. The written survey is at If you’ve not answered the survey, please do. We have had 23 responses so far. We’ve had five conversations so far, and those have included working group members as respondents. Our workshop coordinator has a schedule for the Tallinn TCN19 workshop, and we expect the data we are collecting will be useful in preparing the scenarios.

IdP as a Service WG: two meetings so far, averaging about 25 to 26 attendees. Next steps - assembly survey questions: understand driving forces for IDPaaS for federation and potential customers; explore alternate deployments from other federations

Updates from CACTI -  Bringing FIM4R report (and CACTI response) to Steering’s attention to review resourcing and priority options; drafting eduroam TAC charter.

Updates from CTAB - CTAB closing the outstanding Baseline activities and ramping up the next phase of Baseline requirements. In addition, CTAB is working on an implementation guide for Baseline Expectations. Report from David:

1. InCommon entities meeting Baseline Expectations (v 2018) as of Monday 6 May 2019:

All entities:  4711 of 4771 meet the metadata expectation (99%)
IdPs:           521 of  531 meet the metadata expectation (98%)
SPs:           4190 of 4240 meet the metadata expectation (99%)
Orgs:           736 of  760 meet the metadata expectation for all entities (97%)

2. Discussion of next round of Baseline Expectations continues (e.g., error URL, SIRTFI) via
drafting a v2 of Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation.


Call for participation is open (closes on 5/17). Ideas thus far for sessions: OASIS SAML identifier specs; IDPaaS WG progress; OIDC Plugins; SP Proxies. If you have an idea for a session, submit now and if necessary, work out details (e.g. co-presenter roster) later.

TAC F2F - reserve room for TAC F2F at TechEx. (AI) Janemarie

WebAuthn Demo - Shilen and Mary

Slides from Shilen (pptx).  

The meeting recording will be made available to TAC members to review. (AI) Janemarie - check on request to make it available externally.

Demo/Q&A recorded.

Next Meeting - May 23, 2019 - 1 pm ET

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