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Attending: Judith Bush, Mike Grady, Eric Kool-Brown, Janemarie Duh, Matt Brookover, Jessica Coltrin, Mary McKee, Keith Wessel

With: James Babb, Albert Wu, Dave Shafer, Ian Young, IJ Kim, David Bantz

Action Items

(AI) Mary McKee will circulate the list of those interested in the IdPaaS Working Group with an eye toward potential co-chairs.

(AI) Janemarie Duh will draft a proposal about TAC SME onboarding/offboarding.

(AI) Janemarie will contact Chris Phillips, regarding CACTI’s discussion of WebAuthN and FIDO, as it related to Shibboleth.

Intellectual Property Reminder

All Internet2 activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework.

Public Content Notice

TAC minutes are public documents. Please let the TAC and note taker know if you plan to discuss something of a sensitive nature.

Trust and Identity and InCommon Ops Update

  • MDQ - sunsetting the Beta program and moving people to the technology preview
  • Completed the key signing process on Monday
  • Federation Manager - launched 4.0 on Monday with two major changes. IdPs can self-assert R&S in the new entity attributes module. Baseline requirements now fully enforced.
  • InCommon Steering accepted CTAB recommendation for Baseline Expectations - 11 organizations have entities on a list to be removed. Will continue to do outreach and escalation to those organizations. Entities will be removed on May 15. In addition there are two dozen organizations that are working on updates.
  • Certificate Service - 458 subscribers. Comodo changed their name to Sectigo at the end of the year. The big change was about a year ago, when the company was purchased and installed a new CEO, who wants to improve operations. Working on a tighter SLA and tying it to financial incentives. About every two years, do a survey and develop a work plan with Sectigo. Have finalized the plan for the rest of this year and will publicize it shortly. ACME support is a major request and we are in testing with that right now.
  • eduroam - looking to spin up a TAC-like group (under CACTI) for eduroam.

International Update

The REFEDS Distinguished Engineer awardees have been announced: Alex Mwotil from RENU (Uganda) and V. Raja from INFED (India). Mentors are being partnered with them well in advance of REFEDS and TNC to help make sure they can hit the ground running, and they will be expected to do a five-minute lightning talk at the REFEDS meeting to give us a sense of what’s going on in their federations.

RA21 - Heather has submitted "Recommended Practices for Improved Access to Institutionally-Provided Information Resources” to NISO. The next step is a four-week public comment period, expected to start next week. Heather will send the formal announcement with information on where you can comment when it is posted.

Working Group Updates

OIDC Deployment - Making more progress on the actual deployment document

REFEDS Federation 2.0 - The group decided on a limit of 25 participating in the face to face working group meeting, with a few slots reserved for people the committee will invite. The list of scenario developing questions is completed and will be sent out to mailing lists soon. Also working on a schedule of "office hours" to have group interviews to prepare the scenarios on zoom.

IdP as a Service - The call for participation went out and 44 people have subscribed to the email list, and have had 21 people volunteer to participate in the WG. A handful more who have asked questions. Mary is putting together a grid of people, institutions, expertise to see where things stand. There was also discussion about recruiting co-chairs for the group. (AI) Mary will share the list of those who have expressed interest in participating in the working group with an eye toward potential co-chairs.

Collaboration Updates

CACTI - Two main topics - T/I activities and accomplishments update. FIM4R seems central to CACTI. Was also discussion about supporting student mobility (moving from university to university). The bulk of the call was about prioritizing the FIM4R recommendations. Supporting CILogon was the top priority.

CTAB - In the final stages of implementing the first round of BE. Going to look at the next round with a community process to determine other potential BE elements (two candidates are support for SIRTFI and error URLs).

Ops Advisory Group and TAC SME Roster

Should there be an annual review cycle to determine whether SMEs would like to continue to participate and also determine whether their expertise continues to align with the TAC work plan. (AI) Janemarie will develop a proposal and circulate to the TAC.

Ops Advisory Group - This group formed several years ago before there was a TAC charter. For many years, the TAC was the operating technical and policy group. As TAC evolved, the operational responsibilities were moved to a group specifically for that. This group has not met for some time, but the discussions have moved primarily to Slack. The TAC focuses on gathering community requirements and developing working groups to address those requirements.

OIDC Working Group Refocus

Deployment guide for the Shibboleth plug-in. No further comments, so the WG will move forward.

Web AuthN

W3C ( and FIDO ( support the standard in browsers. What will this mean for the Shibboleth Identity Provider? A thought is to develop a sub-group that would do an impact assessment and make a recommendation to the Shibboleth consortium. Duke is making huge investments in Web AuthN and is moving toward a pilot. Mary would provide a demo to TAC if there is interest. (AI) Janemarie will contact Chris Phillips, as CACTI has been discussing this.

Badging - Participant Profiles

This topic started with an email from Jack Suess - displaying information about which profiles and other items that IdPs and SPs support. This would provide a way to see “who does federation right.” There were recommendations related to this in both the Attributes for Collaboration and Federation WG, and the Streamlining SP Onboarding WG. Albert has prepared a summary of a discussion that took place last November.

Next Meeting - April 25, 2019 - 1 pm

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