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Attending: Keith Wessel, Eric Kool-Brown, Mary McKee, Matt Brookover, Mark Scheible, Eric Goodman, Heather Flanagan, Matthew Economou, Janemarie Duh, Mike Grady

With: Dean Woodbeck, Albert Wu, David Walker, IJ Kim, Ian Young, Dave Shafer, Shannon Roddy, Ann West, Steve Zoppi, Kevin Morooney

Action Items

(AI) Albert will provide a written report regarding InCommon staff responses to recommendations from the Attributes for Collaboration and Federation WG and the Streamlining SP Onboarding WG.

(AI) Eric Goodman will share the RFP that UCOP used in developing an SP Proxy service, as a way to start development of a charter for a working group.

Trust and Identity/InCommon Ops Update

Baseline Expectations Update - As of yesterday

  • 88% of organizations meet BE

  • 92% of IdPs meet BE

  • 86% of SPs meet BE

  • 12 organizations have submitted extension requests (of the roughly 85 organizations that have yet to meet BE). CTAB will begin reviewing these after January 1.

Albert reported that he is working on a report that documents how InCommon staff are responding to the recommendations of two 2018 working groups - the Attributes for Collaboration in Federation Working Group and the Streamlining SP Onboarding WG. In addition, CACTI is developing a FIM4R gap analysis and will coordinate with TAC on items of common interest.

International Update

  • APAN call for papers is out (the meeting is in February in Seoul). More of a hands-on workshop this year

  • REFEDS - blog post coming - SP perspective on Federation 2.0 (Jim Basney writing about proxies)

Working Group Updates

  • OIDC Deployment - Presented IAM Online last week. Discussing 2019 work plan.

  • Deployment Profile - Continuing to work on final edits. Working on moving this to Kantara in January. Final report expected by the end of January. 

  • REFEDS Federation 2.0 -  no report

2019 TAC Members

  • Welcome to Mary McKee, Matthew Economou, and Jessica Coltrin

  • TAC Chair will be Janemarie Duh; Vice-Chair will be Keith Wessel

  • Introductions from TAC members and staff

InCommon Committees and WGs - Intro for New Members

Albert presented a quick overview of InCommon and what it encompasses:

  • Federation

  • eduroam

  • Certificate Service

  • Training and Education

  • Community Development (working groups and committees) well as the governance and advisory committees, as well as the working groups charterd by both InCommon and Trust and Identity

2019 Working Group Planning

The TAC charters community working groups as a way to get work done. The TAC identifies a TAC sponsor who, in turn, identifies co-chairs for the WG. The TAC sponsor is responsible for chartering the group (scope and deliverables) and monitors how the work is going. This document provides the details of how the logistics work:

When a group concludes, the WG develops a final report, reports back to TAC on the results, and typically provides a summary to InCommon Steering. 

Potential WG for 2019 - need to prioritize

  • IdP as a Service - a draft charter exists - need to identify a TAC sponsor

  • SP Proxy - target - commercial SPs that don’t/can’t support multilateral federation. (AI) Eric Goodman will share the RFP that UCOP used in developing an SP Proxy service.

  • Federation 2.0 WG - a REFEDS WG - looking for participants. Tom Barton and Judith Bush are co-chairs. 

  • Participant “badging” - e.g. identifying SPs that are “InCommon ready” - information about a participant’s maturity, functionality, and operational capabilities. (AI) Albert will summarize the CTAB/TAC officer call that discussed this.

Kevin expressed his thanks to Mark for chairing TAC for the last two years, which has included moving to a new model for membership and electing the chair and vice-chair.

Next Meeting - January 3, 2019 - 1 pm ET

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