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Attending: Mark Scheible, Janemarie Duh, Judith Bush, Matt Brookover, Eric Goodman, Eric Kool-Brown, Mike Grady

With: David Walker, IJ Kim, Albert Wu, Dean Woodbeck, Shannon Roddy, Nick Roy, James Babb, Dave Shafer, Ann West, Steve Zoppi, Kevin Morooney, Mike LaHaye

InCommon Ops Update

Recent Federation Manager releases - 3.10.0 and the BE Bulk Update release Two releases in the last two weeks included moving the approval queue moved into dashboard and providing different options for metadata approval, and adding the ability to bulk update baseline elements in metadata.

MDQ Project Update - Dave Shafer demonstrated the high-level architecture of the MDQ service.

EDUCAUSE Conference Recap

  • Jack Suess’s email to participants
  • InCommon conducted a focus group on the positioning of the InCommon access platform (formerly TIER)

  • Ann and Mike Erickson (Colorado Mines) presented two poster sessions on “get collaboration ready” and promoting the Collaboration Success Partners program

  • InCommon staff have started to revamp the training program, developing on-line, self-paced training on getting up and running in InCommon, basic concepts of Federation and SAML, and the Federation Manager. The plan is to have this available in the first half of 2019.

Working Group Updates

OIDC Deployment - discussion at TechEx - “what should the WG be working on, considering the other groups working on OIDC? Decided on deployment practices.

Deployment Profile - Working through the backlog of issues that were generated at TechEx. Got through most of them today; the rest next call; then will move it to Kantara. A lot of the WG members are also on the Kantara group. No comments during the OASIS review period.

REFEDS Federation 2.0 - Tom and Judith have been meeting. Will send an email to the mailing list ( letting folks know a call for participation going out by 20 November with a plan to begin meeting before TIIME in Feb and ending before TechEx in Dec. Asking for advice for locations to post the call for participation. We ask, “Questions for you: what are the best APAN list(s) to use for this purpose, and are there other lists that we should include?” Planning to engage in Scenario planning process. Nick suggests posting to: to reach APAN

2019 TAC members election

The list of 2019 nominees has been finalized. The ballot is now open for voting. Voting will close at 5 pm ET on Thursday, November 15. Please note that you are asked to provide your first choice, second choice, etc. The order matters, because we weight the responses.

Election of officers will open on November 22. All current TAC members will be listed on the officer ballot. If you do not wish to be on the ballot for chair and/or vice-chair, email Dean ( by 5 pm ET, Tuesday, Nov. 13. Dean will send a confirming email on November 14. Voting for chair will open on November 22 with Vice Chair voting to follow. New members and new officers will be in place by December 6.

InCommon / Internet2 Support for RA21

There was discussion about the RA 21 effort to bring federated access to library service providers. Background on the effort is on the RA 21 website. There is a request to TAC about adopting RA 21 and also considering other uses the technology may have in the InCommon Federation.

RA21 has complete pilots on its WAYF/IdP persistence mechanism. This button will send users to the right IdP, if they have chosen one via this service in the past. If not, the user is presented with an RA21-friendly central IDP discovery service. This is all integrated into the login button. Internet2 is being asked to run this IdP persistence layer (soon). The question to TAC is whether there is applicability and need in the federation for this technology (outside of the RA21 use). The button provides IdP persistence, so if you log into one site you won’t need to go through discovery for the next site you visit. We could brand this as “InCommon, which would start to get our brand out to end users.

TAC members had a brief discussion, but the consensus is there is a need for more information. (AI) Ann and Nick will set up a future call with a demo and provide background reading material.

Working Group Planning

(AI) TAC members should review these potential working groups. These will be on the December 6 TAC agenda, with an eye toward spinning up the working groups right after the first of the year.

Chartering IdP-as-a-Service WG ( including IdP Proxy)
    •    Identify TAC sponsor

    •    Identify chair and co-chair

    •    Finalize WG charter ( Chair and co-chair lead)

    •    Dean to set up WG logistics once TAC confirms the formation of the Working Group

    •    Send out invitation for participation

SP Proxy WG
    •    For SPs that can’t do multilateral federation (lots of commercial SPs), VOs

    •    Who is the TAC sponsor?

    •    Who will draft the charter?

Participation in Federation 2.0 WG (REFEDS)

Possible follow-on working groups?
    •    Streamlining SP On-boarding WG

    •    Deployment Profile WG

    •    others?

Any other WG?
    •    Topic(s) for Researcher and OIDC members to sink their teeth into!

    •    Each of the above topics have implied hooks for Research and OIDC

    •    TIER outreach/promotion?

Follow On to Jack Suess's Email

Jack (and subsequent emailers) posed some good questions and comments about “who federation serves” in Jack’s email and the entire thread on the Participants list. CTAB sees some tie-in with Baseline and would like to coordinate with TAC.


Next Meeting - December 6, 2018 - 1 pm ET

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