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TAC Meeting September 27, 2018

Attending: Mark Scheible, Heather Flanagan, Matt Brookover, Janemarie Duh, Eric Goodman, Eric Kool-Brown, Keith Wessel, Albert Wu, Mike Grady

With: Ian Young, Dean Woodbeck, Nick Roy, David Walker, IJ Kim, David Shafer, Steve Zoppi, Shannon Roddy

Regrets: Judith Bush, Ann West,

Action Items

  • All TAC Members: Review the current responses and propose any further responses to the FIM4R paper by COB Tuesday, October 2.

  • Nick Roy - Sync up with Tom Barton regarding Campus Champions and the potential for a TAC member from that group.

Support for eduGain Export Policy

TAC approved, via an email vote, the new eduGAIN export policy (8 agree and no dissent)

Resolved: InCommon Operations should modify the federation manager to require that entity descriptors contain at least a technical contact in order to be exported to eduGAIN. InCommon Operations should notify the Site Administrators of any organization that currently exports entity descriptors that do not have a technical contact, and ask them to add one, or uncheck the "export this metadata to eduGAIN" checkbox, before November 14, 2018. Note that any currently exported entity descriptors that do not have a technical contact after this date will be administratively removed from export to eduGAIN by InCommon Operations on this date."

Ops Update

  • The latest release of the Federation Manager deleted all reference to the POP. The next release will have a function to automatically approve some metadata changes.

  • Making progress on MDQ deployment. The goal to launch a test environment before TechEx

  • Nick and Shannon presented to REN-ISAC today on federation security (recording is available only to REN-ISAC members)

Trust and Identity Update

  • Kevin and Ann are at a series of meetings this week, including the "EAGER" workshop, the Quilt, and the Common Solutions Group

  • We plan to begin a Steward pilot of eduroam with the Utah Education Network.

  • Albert Wu is starting as federation service manager on Monday, October 1.

  • James Babb is starting as Level 2 support person a week from Monday, October 8.

International Update

Working Group Updates

  • OIDC Deployment - At the last WG meeting, Roland talked about progress on the federation spec. Andreas also has a draft of a spec and the two are now working to consolidate those.

  • Deployment Profile 

    • WG is ramping down and working on the final report, to be presented by the end of the calendar year.

    • The WG discussed the logo requirements for SAML2int and backed out some of the recommendations. They plan to approach REFEDS about a working group concerning logo requirements. RA21 is also looking at logo requirements and will make a recommendation.

  • REFEDS Federation 2.0 - No update.

FIM4R Report Responses

  • Heather and Keith proposed a TAC response to the report (see draft response, columns M and N). A summary:

    • Need a research representative on TAC

    • Create an SP/Research focused WG to provide a place to discuss those issues

    • Intra-campus communication and delegation of control to campus departments and VOs needs to be prioritized. This would also apply to libraries.

    • Consider adding SIRTFI as a requirement for Baseline Expectations

  • TAC is being asked to review the current responses and propose any further responses by COB Tuesday, October 2.

  • Goal is to have a FIM4R response written for TechEx

Potential topics for Face-to-Face at TechEx

  • TAC will meet Wednesday at lunch (12:10-1:40)

  • Nominations slate and recruiting at TechEx

  • Chair and co-chair potentials

  • IdP as a Service WG

  • Other items for a work plan

  • TAC members - consider other items that would be best done face-to-face vs. a call

Nominees slate

  • Please make any nominations on the wiki. Also start thinking about potential chair and co-chair

  • Nominations email will go out on October 1 - to participants list and maybe the EDUCAUSE IdM list

  • TAC members should consider their cohorts for potential nominees

    • Particularly research-oriented

    • Also security role

    • Check with campus champions group (research) (AI - Nick sync up with Tom Barton)

Value of Federation

  • Recent email thread

  • Where does federation fit with respect to commercial IdP products (Google, Azure, AD, etc). Where does InCommon fit and what value do we provide that vendors don’t?

    • Layer on top of SAML, OIDC, etc?

  • Will impact future work

  • Will be on the next agenda

Next Meeting - October 11, 2018 - 1 pm ET

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