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TAC Meeting August 30, 2018

Thursday, August 30, 2018
1:00pm ET | 12:00pm CT | 11:00am MT | 10:00am PM

Pre-Read Materials

  1. Trust and Identity Project Update
  2. Review/indicate approval of minutes from TAC Meeting 2018-08-16


Ops Update

No report

International Update

Heather attended the Asia Pacific Advanced Network meeting
, which included an eduroam workshop and IAM task force. They've been focused on the value proposition for federation and help with the policy basics. At the next meeting, they want to focus more on operations and deployment. The next meeting is in February in South Korea.

Next week, Heather will attend TICAL in Colombia, a conference similar to Global Summit but focused on NRENs in South America and Central America. Heather will provide the closing plenary. While there, she will encourage more involvement in REFEDS.

Trust/Identity Update

Kevin reported the trust and identity team held a retreat in Ann Arbor two weeks ago, which also included staff from Internet2's central IT, Marketing/Communications group, and community engagement. There was a technical track and a business track. The business track focused on discussions about differently positioning "trust and identity" among the community.

Working Group Updates

  • The Attributes for Collaboration and Federation has completed its work and will hold a BoF at TechEx

  • The OIDC Deployment WG continues its work
  • The Deployment Profile WG will hold two calls next week for feedback on the SAML2int changes

Streamlining SP Onboarding WG

Garrett King, co-chair of this WG, joined to discuss the working group's report and recommendations. The WG was chartered to help solve the problem of IdP operators needing to shepherd SPs into the federation. The objective is to reduce burden on IdPOs to communicate requirements

  • Criteria document - This was intended to collapse and capture mostly existing information and get it into one location. It is focused on material relevant to SP onboarding
  • Questionnaire - Provides a way to walk an SP through the onboarding process step by step. Provides additional background information, as well. 

  • Primer document - core concepts described and visual representations. Example - what is metadata? SAML basics

Appendix E of the Working Group's final report includes future opportunities and recommendations

  1. Establish central web space to host the material that was developed. Suggestion is
  2. Include a strong/clear value statement on “why join InCommon) for SPs. Further fuel SP motivation for joining/participating. Update
  3. Establish a pilot to further vet the WG material. Ask select onboarding SPs to follow the questionnaire and provide feedback
  4. Used google forms for the questionnaire to demonstrate the style, but determine whether a different tool would be better
  5. Automate criteria assessment - automatically validate against a set of criteria on configuration

  6. Formalize a testing federation that SPs can use to validate their configuration. (a la

The WG worked to customize the material to fit SPs and do it in a concise manner, scoping it specifically to onboarding
. The WG will likely present the recommendations to InCommon Steering at its October meeting at TechEx. Dean will coordinate with Tommy Roberson, Alan Buxey, and Garrett King concerning scheduling and presenting.

CACTI/FIM4R section 5.6 review status and next steps

Keith and Heather will develop and coordinate the TAC responses and comments for the FIM4R paper. David Walker is supporting this effort for Internet2. Relevant documents include:

In general, three questions for TAC to answer:

  • What is "supported" from the FIM4R paper and needs to be sustained
  • What is "planned" to be supported (and estimation of timeframe if available)?

  • What recommendations does TAC have for CACTI to focus on or introduce as new activity (gap analysis) to meet FIM4R recommendations?

TAC Nominations

There was a brief discussion of the nominations timeline and communications:

Next Meeting - September 13, 2018 - 1 pm ET

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