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TAC Meeting Minutes - June 7, 2018

Attending: Mark Scheible, Matt Brookover, Mike Grady, Judith Bush, Eric Kool-Brown, Janemarie Duh, Albert Wu

Regrets: Eric Goodman, Heather Flanagan, Ann West, Nick Roy

With: Ian Young, Dean Woodbeck, Shannon Roddy, Dave Shafer, David Walker, IJ Kim

All Internet2 activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework


MDQ - starting to build proof-of-concept components

Baseline Expectations - David Walker and Renee Shuey will be talking with those who aren’t meeting Baseline to gather intelligence

Federation Manager - Adding additional API support to facilitate the health checks. The Federation Manager now warns people when they enter metadata that is not consistent with Baseline.

Working groups

Streamlining SP - Janemarie - The WG is reviewing/addressing comments from the consultation period.

Attributes for collaboration (Mark) - the consultation ended Monday; WG meeting today to being reviewing comments. Will have a formal set of recommendations for TAC and Steering

OIDC deployment (Eric K-B) - Discussing use cases and still collecting those. We had a lively discussion that was motivated by the Finnish Teams' second alpha release of the OIDC plugin for Shibboleth. To wit: what is the relationship between IdP, OP, and AP? Should they be co-located or would a different architecture be appropriate? How could a resource server publish its scopes if it wasn't co-located with an AP?

Deployment profile (Judith) - Still going through responses and determining what to do with those. Will then be some redrafting of the report. Will likely hold an open call to discuss some of the responses and why some suggestions are not being implemented.

REFEDS Federation 2.0  - This group is still spinning up.

International Update

RA21 - RA21 is about the user experience with federated logins. That was a critical--and generally not clearly understood--point made at a recent NISO meeting in Baltimore with members of the library community. RA21 is being used a general synonym for everything to do with federated identity, which means the FUD around the project is extensive. The messaging needs to be a bit more clear for the project. In terms of project status, the project is nearing the final stages of the project, where we expect to propose a set of best practices and (because we've been fairly happy with the quality of the pilot technologies) and find a home for a central service that would host the needed discovery components. This week the two pilot architects, Leif Johansson and Elias Balafoutis, are having a technical bake-off to clearly identify the differentiators between the two platforms, and further discussing the UX and what further testing is needed to clarify best practice in the space.

Timing from here: draft of best practices in Q3, final product in Q4. Announcements re: a central discovery service are pending finding a good home - we're primarily talking to GEANT and ORCID about different pieces involved (e.g., server hosting, community outreach and support).

REFEDS - The 38th REFEDS meeting is happening Sunday, June 10. The agenda is here: . It is a full agenda, focusing more on what's happening in the federation space rather than what's happening purely within REFEDS. And, just for fun, we have a dedicated Slack channel for the meeting. See more info on the agenda page. The next REFEDS meeting will be Monday, October 15, at Internet2 TechEx.

TF-IAM - The APAN Identity and Access Management Task Force will be meeting in Auckland on August 6-7 (that's 7-8 in the US). The agenda will be posted here: and here:

In general, we will be discussing for additional tips and tricks to help federation operators make the arguments and enlist campus allies for deploying federated-enabled IAM infrastructures on campuses.

TAC Charter Revision

Approved by InCommon Steering at 6/4/2018 meeting

Shib UI demo

Mike Grady provided a look at the new Shibboleth user interface

Timeline for 2019 TAC membership process (Janemarie)

Nominations period for new TAC members begins in the fall. Mark, Janemarie, Kim, and Albert will be at the end of their three-year terms. They have the choice to roll-off or not. This wiki page shows last year’s schedule; this year’s will be similar, since it is tied to TechEx, which is the same week as last year.

The process will begin in early September, with a note to current TAC members with expiring terms. The process ends after TechEx (allowing for some networking at the meeting).

Potential Work for the Rest of the Year

  • REFEDS - RA21 / Discovery 2.0 work

  • REFEDS - Federation 2.0 spin up (June?)
  • Existing WGs will wrap up, with the exception of OIDC

  • InCommon - Proposed TAC Task Force or Working Group

    • InCommon Membership and the "Long Tail" Issues

      • Short-Term and Long-Term

      • Mitigation Effort

    • WG looking at a managed IdP service

  • MDQ efforts (timeframe) - TAC Assistance needed?

Next Meeting - Thursday, June 21 - 1 pm ET

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