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TAC Meeting Minutes - March 15, 2018

Attending: Eric Kool-Brown, Matt Brookover, Janemarie Duh , Kim Milford, Heather Flanagan, Mike Grady, Keith Wessel, Mark Scheible, Eric Goodman, Judith Bush, Tom Demeranville

With: Ian Young, David Walker, Shannon Roddy, Dave Shafer, Ann West, Steve Zoppi

Ops Update

  • Working on Federation Manager interface related to Baseline Expectations

  • Rolled out upgrades to metadata aggregator

Security Issue

Shannon Roddy and Scott Cantor discussed the XML vulnerability revealed last month and that several vendors are vulnerable. The level of responsiveness varies. The discussion led to an idea to involve REN-ISAC to facilitate a private discussion among schools about those vendors. This would also help schools to work together rather than individually. The intent would be to work with the vendors on fixes. Kim Milford said that REN-ISAC has not discussed this, but in a  previous effort, used a Google document to track comments from campuses and the status of each affected vendor. That may serve as a model for this.

Trust and Identity Update

Today, InCommon is sending a 90-day notice about the change in the Participation Agreement (PA). This also will serve as the notice of the change in the FOPP (which is effective immediately). The new PA and FOPP are both on the website. That means Baseline Expectations goes into effect as of the end of the 90-day notice (June 15). The PA changes are mainly changing the dispute resolution process and citing Baseline Expectations (and eliminating the POP).

The Community Trust and Assurance Board is refining the community consensus process and dispute resolution process for the June 15 date.

Project Portfolio - Ann shared the updated project portfolio, which will become a standing item on the TAC informational items. The document also includes links to working group updates. InCommon staff will work with the working group chairs to update these monthly.

Working Group Updates

Deployment Profile (Keith Wessel) - The group is working through a list of minor changes to their report and expect to have a finished SAML2int draft next week.

OIDC (Eric Kool-Brown) - No report; the last two meetings have been cancelled.

Streamlining SP Onboarding (Judith) - The group is editing a questionnaire. Janemarie reported that she used some of the working group’s work with a vendor this past week - the vendor belongs to InCommon but does not have an SP in metadata. The WG is also working on a value statement for joining InCommon and on a Shibboleth primer.

Attributes for Collaboration (Mark Scheible) - Working group members have wrapped up interviews with CIOs of some organizations that are not releasing R&S attributes. The group is also analyzing the results of a survey and will work on a summary and development of a white paper.

Proposed changes to TAC charter

Nick Roy drafted updates for duties of TAC and other aspects of the TAC charter. The charter revision is being driven by changes in TAC responsibilities, the move toward more global interactions, and other items. Discussion of the charter included:

  • Should the charter list an educational component/responsibility for TAC? Do TAC responsibilities include recommending educational needs related to the technology and use of the Federation? As a sidelight, there is a need to organize existing information to make it easier to find.

  • There is little related to technology in the charter. That may be good, but it may also indicate the need for a name change for TAC.

  • Working Groups generally have a technical focus, but they typically identify needs for education and outreach, as well.

  • It would be good to ask Steering about their expectations for TAC

TAC in 2018

TAC’s focus for 2018 will  likely include:

  1. How TAC relates to CACTI (with Chris Phillips) - now scheduled for April 12th call

  2. ADFS support in InCommon (also with Chris Phillips) - now scheduled for April 12th call

  3. Review of the implementation profile and deployment profile work with Walter Hoehn and Keith Wessel - why/how/what did we intend to influence (in prep for next steps with this work)

  4. "What are your challenges in federation?"

  5. How to get the US community more engaged in REFEDS working groups

    1. REFEDS meeting at TechEx

    2. TAC leadership endorsement of community participation in REFEDS

    3. Possibly have Nicole Harris talk to TAC about REFEDS (background, current work plan)?

  6. Focus on TAC/CACTI partnership/relationship

  7. Others?

Next Meeting - Thursday, March 29 - 1 pm ET

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