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InCommon TAC Minutes - December 21, 2017

Attending:  Mark Scheible, Heather Flanagan, Tom Demeranville, Janemarie Duh, Eric Goodman, Keith Wessel, Matt Brookover, Eric Kool-Brown, Tom Barton, Judith Bush, Albert Wu, Kim Milford

Regrets:   Chris Misra, Steven Carmody, Mike Grady

With: Dean Woodbeck, Nick Roy, IJ Kim, Shannon Roddy, Steve Zoppi, Kevin Morooney, David Walker

Action Items (AI)

(All) Please review the “reflections” document, which will kick off a discussion of direction and priorities next month.


Welcome to new members

  • Eric Kool-Brown - University of Washington

  • Matt Brookover, Colorado School of Mines

  • Judith Bush, OCLC

  • Heather Flanagan, Spherical Cow Consulting

  • Tom Demeranville, ORCID

Role of TAC - TAC advises InCommon Steering

Responsibilities for TAC members:

  1. Reviewing and approving minutes

  2. Attend TAC meetings and participate in discussions

  3. Regrets if can’t attend

  4. Reading TAC emails and lengthy threads (and participate in the discussions)

  5. Working Group sponsorship, support, participation

  6. F2F meetings

Potential Working Group Changes

Steven Carmody has been the TAC liaison for the OIDC group. We may need a new TAC member to fill that role. The same is true for the current Attributes working group, with Tom Barton as the current TAC liaison. It may be helpful to create/distribute a spreadsheet showing  the current working groups and TAC liasions.


TAC members introduced themselves and provided background on their involvement with IDM and current interests.

Ops Update

  • Shannon is investigating a security issue in context of federation (ROBOT TLS attack), working with REN-ISAC and Scott Cantor

  • A number of new features have gone into production this month, with more coming next month. For example, we will begin to allow people to download metadata via TLS

Next Meeting

(AI) All TAC Members - Please review the “reflections” document, which will kick off a discussion of direction and priorities next month.

Next Meeting - January 4 - 1 pm ET

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