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Action Items from Past Meetings



Attending:  Mark Scheible, Janemarie Duh, Mike Grady, Eric Goodman, Keith Wessel, Jim Jokl, Tom Barton, Steve Carmody, Chris Misra

With: Dean Woodbeck, David Walker, Nick Roy, IJ Kim, Ian Young, Shannon Roddy, David Shafer, Ann West, Paul Caskey, Steve Zoppi

Action Items

In order to solicit TAC nominees,

  • Chris Misra will ping the XSEDE Campus Champions list

  • Tom Barton will contact the FIM4R list

  • Tom Barton will contact the REFEDS list

Ops Update

  • Working on the next release of the Federation Manager, which will include support for SIRTFI. Also doing some accessibility testing. 

  • MDQ/Per-entity MD - This is one part of the larger effort to modernize the Federation Manager and move to a DevOps model.

  • Central Discovery Service - Moving to new version of SWITCH WAYF

Domain Use Policy

The consultation on the Domain Use Policy will close October 30. There have been a few non-controversial comments. Once the consultation closes, Nick will integrate those and create a final version of the policy.

TechEx Comments (WG or ACAMP items that might be important to TAC)

  • Onboarding SP meeting - The WG narrowed it scope, with research SPs out of scope, and will focus on vendor SPs

  • Policy of not supporting TLS - Nick heard some indirect feedback that some Cal State system schools using ADFS would like to use TLS. He suggested a work around, but there was a more-general discussion about related scaling and support issues as the federation grows.

Topics for future TAC meetings

  • FIM4R Updates (Tom Barton)

  • Baseline Processes Roadmap (Tom Barton)


The nominations process is coming to a close. Those making nominations need to provide background information on the nominee, including any experience with the community, and delineate what the person would bring to TAC. It is also incumbent on the nominator to provide information to the nominee about the commitment of TAC membership.

The goal is to finalize the roster by November 9.

One identified need is for research SPs (and SPs in general). Chris Misra will ping an XSEDE list and Tom Barton will contact the FIM4R list. There was also discussion about international participation. One solution would be to seek comment on specific issues from CACTI, which includes international members. Another would be to seek participation by another federation operator or someone involved with eduGAIN. Tom Barton will send a note to the REFEDS list.

CACTI Coordination

There was discussion about seeking periodic updates from CACTI, or having some cross-representation with TAC and CACTI.

Next Meeting - November 9 - 1 pm ET

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