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Action Items from Past Meetings

(AI) TAC members review the Deployment Profile WG proposal to OASIS: 

(AI) Mark Scheible will send a letter to TAC members with terms expiring at the end of 2017 - DONE (sent September 15th)


Attending: Janemarie Duh, Jim Jokl, Tom Barton, Mark Scheible, Mike Grady, Keith Wessel, Tom Mitchell, Steve Carmody, Eric Goodman, Albert Wu

With: Dean Woodbeck, Ann West, Steve Zoppi, Ian Young, IJ Kim

Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework

Mark reviewed the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework

Documenting Integrations Discussion

There was substantial discussion on the email list this week concerning proposed efforts to document integrations for key vendors. A summary of the discussion pros and cons:

  • Pro - Having key integration details with cloud vendors could save campuses time and not needing to reinvent the wheel. 

  • Con -.Campuses seem reluctant to share documentation because they may have needed to compromise in ways they would rather not publicize

  • Con - There are concerns about liability, should another campus try the approach and have problems

  • Con - Documentation may become obsolete and need frequent updating

  • Con - From the InCommon perspective, it may result in spending significant time on vendors that are not InC participants

The general consensus is for InCommon to focus on research and collaboration tools and services provided by participants. A discussion with NET+ might be helpful to standardize guidance to the vendor community. (AI) Eric will look at the deployment profile and other relevant documents to see if they relate to such guidance. (AI) Tom B will have a discussion with Oren Sreebny at the University of Chicago, who is on a NET+ advisory group.

Updates from Working Groups

SP Onboarding working group kickoff call is Oct. 4 - 10 am ET. Both co-chairs will be at TechEx, Tuesday afternoon WG session

Deployment profile - Working on some major overhauls of SAML2int - hope to have a draft (with new identifiers draft profile and other proposed requirements) prior to TechEx. 

Attributes for Collaboration and Federation - selecting meeting time (Doodle Poll is out to identify a meeting day/time). Goal is to have a meeting prior to TechEx (and at TechEx)

OIDC implementation kickoff call was Sept. 22 - adjusting the meeting time to better accommodate the West Coasters. Need to recruit co-chairs. 

TechEx Prep

TAC F2F meeting at lunch at TechEx (12:10 pm Tues, Oct. 17). Proposed discussion topics:

  1. Topic: coordinating InCommon management/operations roadmap items with any dependencies on TAC or its working groups - and where TAC can help on these topics:

    1. Per-entity metadata
    2. Baseline expectations

    3. Federation manager overhaul

    4. Federation component of the TIER test and production workbenches

  2. Topic: Discovery 2.0 and RA21

  3. Topic: New membership discussion

  4. Topic: Review process for selection of chair and vice-chair

    1. Elect chair first
    2. Elect vice-chair second, so we have a chair in place and we can have that in mind when people vote for vice-chair

  5. Topic: FIM4R (Fed IDM for Research) 

    1. Some discussions from the recent meeting will be circulated during TechEx - how might TAC allocate time/effort to this?


The call for nominations will be distributed this week.

There was discussion about the loss of a lot of experience at the end of 2017, with six people rolling off. For comparison, five terms end in 2018 and three in 2019.  A reminder that there is a way to have some individuals continue - joining discussions as subject-matter experts when necessary

AAC Update

The Assurance Advisory Committee is proposing changes to its charter, as the scope of work has moved beyond its initial charge of providing community oversight and guidance on the assurance program. For example, the AAC has done work on MFA and is driving the Baseline Expectations project. They will also be reviewing the revision to NIST 800-63. There also may be a name change (ideas are welcome!), given “assurance” is not its main focus any longer.

Next Meeting - October 12 - 1 pm ET

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