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TAC Members Attending: Tom Mitchell, Keith Wessel, Janemarie Duh, Mark Scheible, Mike Grady, Eric Goodman, Chris Misra

WithNick Roy, Ian Young, Kevin Morooney, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Dean Woodbeck, Steve Zoppi, Ann West

Action Items from Today

[AI]  Eric to start discussion thread on how to handle term endings.  Janemarie will start a google doc with some of the summary/thinking so far, share with Eric.

[AI] Janemarie will reach out to Ann and talk/go from there to finalize the proposal regarding Working Group co-chairs and flywheels.

(AI) Mark will discuss the structure of the Attribute Release working group with Steering Chair Sean Reynolds.

Uncompleted AIs from past calls

(AI) TAC members asked to review the list of entities being filtered by MDA v7 to try to determine whether any of these are well-known or suspected highly used entities. (AI) Tom Barton will check with Jim Basney on this, as well.

(AI) Mark Schieble will revise the Attributes for Collaboration and Federation WG charter for additional review and send it to technical-discuss.

(AI) Ann or Kevin talk with Klaas Weirenga from GÉANT about a presentation to TAC meeting concerning their T&I roadmap for, say, the next 3 years? <= Deferred to August

Information Updates

No Ops Update this week

Keith Wessel asked about policy of not vetting endpoint locations in metadata being in effect. Tom Scavo reports that it has been in effect for a couple months, it has made metadata approval much easier.  There haven’t been many uses of the new policy - most submitted metadata still conforms to long-standing behavior.

TNC Update- Nick Roy

REFEDS meeting well attended. Highlights - federation updates from various operators.

Rhys Smith talked about per-entity MD and his experience. He has seen 0.1 - 0.2% of data consumed vs. the aggregate. Nick, Rhys, Chris Phillips talked about shared Per-entity infrastructure and also about backing-up one-another for fallbacks if need be. Is a pretty big latency hit if, for example, are in the UK and trying to access InCommon MD. Discussed potential solutions.

Good discussions about OpenID Connect federation model. Roland is thinking about some changes.

TAC Nomination Process - Janemarie

Emailed TAC yesterday with a link to a wiki page that will help drive this. Timeline has nominations ended after TechEx (Oct. 25). Janemarie outlined the process that is documented on the wiki. TAC meeting Oct. 26. Nov. 9 is the deadline to finalize the roster. The wiki page also includes a table to use for the nominating process, as well as a link to information about last year’s nominees. Target is to have new members attend the scheduled TAC meeting Dec. 7.

[AI] Eric to start discussion thread on how to handle term endings.  Janemarie will start a google doc with some of the summary/thinking so far, share with Eric.

Changes to Chair/Flywheel Roles and Responsibilities

Have been facilitating comments via a google doc - proposal is to more formally define a limited role for flywheels involved in working groups, and to set expectations of that work versus that of named subject matter experts who happen to be Internet2 staff.

Agreement with what was discussed on the thread: You can’t legislate that working group members will or won’t do things.  From the standpoint of what the flywheels can do, the time that staff can dedicate to these duties is something that is up to Internet2 to define.  Hard to say that the flywheels ‘do’ do this, or ‘don’t’ do that, because working groups vary in terms of content and the skillsets of the participants.  

If the community doesn’t have time to write a report or other output from the group, then it may mean the working group shouldn’t have been chartered.  Flywheel should still collect/collate content, but flywheel should not be the primary editor of the report.  

No problem with what’s being proposed - flywheels will still schedule calls, do administrative work, collate content.  There is also a feeling that we should allow a flywheel to still take minutes. Hard to have a conversation while you are also taking notes.  Need to finalize this approach before we start the new working groups. There will be an expectation of the new chair/co-chair structure and duties of the flywheel. Quality of the WGs may improve if we clarify this up-front, expectations for participation.  May make it harder to get chair/co-chair, but should make the groups more effective.  If we don’t get appropriate people to participate, then we can’t have that particular WG proceed.

Having co-chairs for WGs makes sense to TAC members.

Having a flywheel be able to help you make some chair leadership decisions from time to time is helpful when appropriate.  That said, having a strong community member as a co-chair help you make those decisions/be that sounding board would be great if it works.  Need to approach the co-chair role cautiously.  Having a TAC vice-chair has been very valuable for Mark/Janemarie.

[AI] Janemarie will reach out to Ann and talk/go from there to finalize the proposal

Working Group Next Steps

Attribute Release WG - Idea is to make sure we have the right mix of stakeholders in the WGs - may need to host webinars/community transparency activities during the course of the Attribute Release WG, in particular. Makes sense to have a chair / co-chair from TAC/Steering on the Attribute Release WG, possibly. Mark will discuss with Sean.

SP WG - Introduced a paragraph into the charter on criticality of different implementation profiles. Will integrate existing work into the requirements that emerge from the group. Will document the standards for operation of SPs within InCommon based on existing work including CIC Cloud Services cookbook.

Deployment Profile WG - Very minor edits, Keith clarified that we will be pushing many of our recommendations into saml2int, doing a new email campaign to encourage international participation.  Significant overhaul of work items.  The scope of the WG ended up being much bigger than Keith anticipated, so added some new work items on an extended timeline.

Action Item Review

Tom Scavo added detail on filtered entities for TAC to review, not sure if anyone has reviewed. Tom Barton had requested this. Tom Scavo says that Ian Young has spun off the new MDA tooling version for ops to test.  Tom expects the number of filtered entities to have dropped due to communications with federation operators.  Will do at least one more round of communication with federation operators.

Having Klaas participate in a TAC call to discuss GÉANT roadmap deferred until August

Discovery 2.0 will be deferred to sessions like the RA21 meeting at TechEx

Next Meeting - June 22 - 1 pm ET

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