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TAC Members Attending: Mark Scheible, Tom Mitchell, Janemarie Duh, Mike Grady, Keith Wessel, Jim Jokl, Steve Carmody, Tom Barton, Eric Goodman, Walter Hoehn, Chris Misra

With: Dean Woodbeck, Nick Roy, Steve Zoppi, Ian Young, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, David Walker, Paul Caskey, Kevin Morooney

Uncompleted AIs from past calls

(AI) Kim Milford will promote the technical-discuss list among the REN-ISAC community
(AI) Mark Scheible and Ann West will develop an executive summary of the OIDC Survey WG report and recommendations for the InCommon Steering Committee. - Being Reviewed
(AI) Tom S will send a note to technical-discuss kicking off a discussion about requiring HTTPS endpoints for SPs
(AI) Mark/Nick will start a discussion on the technical-discuss list about the Discovery 2.0 work plan item. Perhaps focus the discussion on use cases with a goal of a REFEDS discussion at TechEx.
(AI) Nick/Dean start work on TAC nominations process mid-summer
(AI) Dean submit a BoF session at TechEx for TAC interested parties

Action Items from May 11

(AI) Keith Wessel, Janemarie Duh, Steve Carmody, Mark Scheible - each to update their respective working group charters based on comments from today’s meeting.

(AI) Keith Wessel, Janemarie Duh, Steve Carmody, Mark Scheible - once the charter is in good shape, share on the technical-discuss list.

(AI) Mark Scheible, Janemarie Duh - Email the TAC list to start a discussion about revising the working group process.

(AI) Mark Scheible - Send out timeframe for getting WG Charters posted to technical-discuss for community input, soliciting for WG members, (Dean) wiki and mailing lists in place

Ops Update


  • Still working on a fix to the incident in March in which eduGAIN changed the order of entities in the metadata, causing a problem for InCommon. Currently testing code developed by Ian Young. Incident report: More detail likely at the next TAC meeting.

  • InCommon MDA v7 - new version of the metadata aggregator tooling being tested.

  • HTTP compression project will be complete after today. The fallback aggregate is the last to be configured and that will happen today. Some preliminary data:

    • Feb 5–11: 2.7TB (pre compression)

    • Apr 23–29: 1.4TB (post compression)

    • During the 24 hour period between Monday, May 8 17:00 EDT and Tuesday, May 9 17:00 EDT, the main aggregate had:
      • 8306 GET requests with a compression header set

      • 3718 GET requests with no compression header set

Trust and Identity Updates

  • Internet2 has hired a new CEO to start June 12 (Howard Pfeffer)

  • Trust and Identity close to hiring a new project manager

  • Nick Roy concluding interviews for DevOps person (two final candidates)

Review of New WG Charters

OIDC/OAuth WG - Phase 2 (Steven Carmody)

  • Comment - this is written by and for identity people. In the process, need to figure out how to explain the concepts to CIOs and help them understand why this is important. This could be addressed in the TAC roadmap (along with other items in the roadmap) with language that is understandable.
  • Comment - Specify in the charter that the WG will define the scope as one of its first actions.

Attribute Release 2.0 WG (Mark Scheible)

  • Have discussed combining this work with the work Steering is planning (which is primarily outreach). Idea is to include Steering representation and someone from AAC. 

  • One thought is, in at least some WG meetings, have working group members bring their stakeholders to some meetings (such as their registrar)

  • Include in the scope: The WG will discuss and identify tools that campuses could use to make this stuff easier. Might include services that InCommon would run

SP Onboarding WG (Janemarie Duh)

  • There is currently no clear technical guidance for sponsored partners to follow

  • One possible outcome from the WG: develop recommendations that providers could be tested against (self-attesting and/or a test harness). Something that is clear for campuses, VOs, and sponsored partners. Identify what is required and what is suggested

  • Will look at the CIC cloud cookbook recommendations.
  • Chris Hubing has been looking at a similar set of problems in the NET+ context

  • Who do we think this will change? Where is the leverage to get SPs to adopt this and/or change? Answer: There is value in having a central place for information, to have documentation, and to have a testing tool. 

  • Comment: This looks to be IdP-centric. Might we produce some of the beneficial outcomes by taking the SP point of view? How will you be successful as an SP in the federation? What do SPs really need from InCommon?

  • Comment: Maybe provide SPs with a tool to use to provide a configuration file

  • Comment: Document needs to differentiate this WG output from deployment profile WG and other efforts

Federation Interoperability - Deployment Profile WG (Keith Wessel)

  • This link goes to last year’s charter on the wiki (unmodified)

  • Has been discussion about intended audience

  • Want to have international involvement

  • The plan is to make big statements on big topics

  • Keith Wessel will be updating the charter after a couple of elements become more concrete

  • This isn’t really a recharter, but an extension of the original charter (with modifications of deliverables and dates)

Shoot for June 1 to kick off the WGs. As soon as a charter is ready, share it on the technical-discuss list.

Agenda Items - Next call

  • Discussion about  revising the WG process, including using co-chairs, ideas on flywheels, and other items. Will start discussion on the TAC email list prior to the next meeting
  • 2018 Nomination process

Next Meeting - Thursday, May 25, 1 p.m. ET


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