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TAC Members Attending: Kim Milford, Chris Misra, Tom Barton, Mike Grady, Mark Scheible, Janemarie Duh, Jim Jokl, Tom Mitchell, Albert Wu, Steve Carmody

With: Dean Woodbeck, Nick Roy, IJ Kim, Ann West, Steve Zoppi, Mike LaHaye, Kevin Morooney

Uncompleted AIs from past calls

(AI) Keith asked that TAC members review the current charter of the Deployment Profile WG (which addresses the Federation Interoperability Work Item), since that charter is now several months old, with an eye toward any changes that have occurred in the interim.

(AI) Kim Milford will promote the technical-discuss list among the REN-ISAC community

(AI) Tom S will send a note to technical-discuss kicking off a discussion about requiring HTTPS endpoints for SPs

(AI) Mark/Nick will start a discussion on the technical-discuss list about the Discovery 2.0 work plan item. Perhaps focus the discussion on use cases with a goal of a REFEDS discussion at TechEx.

(AI) Mark Scheible and Ann West will develop an executive summary of the OIDC Survey WG report and recommendations for the InCommon Steering Committee. - In Progress

(AI) Mark and Ann will draft a charter for an attribute release working group, with Mike Grady and Steve Carmody - In Progress

(AI) Janemarie  will draft a charter for a proposed Service Provider Onboarding Working Group - In Progress

(AI) TAC members are asked to review the document regarding TIER and potential changes to Shibboleth and see if there is anything that should be added. - COMPLETED

(AI) TAC members should review the charter and membership process prior to Global Summit - COMPLETED

Action Items from this call

(AI) Mark Scheible – charter for Attribute Release WG - DRAFT Due 4/28

(AI) Janemarie Duh – charter for SP Onboarding WG - DRAFT Due 4/28

(AI) Keith Wessel – charter for Federation Interoperability WG - DRAFT Due 4/28

(AI) Steve Carmody – OIDC/OAuth WG - DRAFT Due 4/28

(AI) Dean will develop a nomination form for the membership process that will kick-off in mid-summer.

(AI) Nick and Dean will document the proposed 2018 membership process and ensure it begins in mid-summer.

(AI) Dean will submit TechEx proposals for BoFs/sessions concerning TAC and “trust and identity governance”

TAC Charter Review

TAC discussed the charter and whether any changes are needed, particularly whether there should be a limit on the number of terms a member can serve and whether there should be a formal statement that the vice-chair succeeds the chair after a year. The consensus was to leave the charter as-is, which provides flexibility. It will remain an objective to ensure that there is turnover, however, to encourage new points of view and the engagement of additional community members.

TAC Membership - 2018

The 2018 membership process will kick off in mid-summer. (AI) Dean will develop a nomination form and (AI) Nick and Dean will document the proposed process and ensure it begins in mid-summer. The process will include a TAC discussion of the types of experiences needed to fill any gaps (possibly with input from the community?). Current members with expiring terms can nominate themselves and become part of the pool of potential members (re-appointment is not automatic). There was also discussion about defining areas of expertise that are useful (such as a REN-ISAC connection and the growing relationship between identity management and security).

TechEx will provide a place to discuss the TAC, its work, and the nomination process, perhaps at a BoF (AI – Dean will submit). It would also be good to have a BoF or other type of discussion about Trust and Identity governance, since there are significant changes taking place (AI – Dean will submit)

TAC Work Plan

This meeting marks the final discussion in the development of the TAC 2017 work plan. Charters for all proposed working groups should be drafted by the end of April, discussed by TAC, and shared on the technical-discuss list (when the author feels it is ready for such community discussion).

Discovery 2.0 – TAC will not charter a working group on this topic, but will work in conjunction with REFEDS and Jisc. It was suggested to have a tutorial (longer session) at TechEx focused on discovery.

Attribute Release – Ann developed a draft roadmap on this topic for InCommon Steering, which is interested in pushing relaxed attribute release among InCommon participants. TAC will charter a working group in this area and include Steering and AAC involvement. Dennis Cromwell from Steering might be a good person to ask, given that the IU registrar has been involved in this in the past. Dennis and Ann will present on the topic at the AACRAO Tech meeting this summer. The working group will be asked to define the issues and identify potential directions, with a deadline just prior to TechEx. (AI) Mark Scheible will contact Brett Bieber (AAC) and Sean Reynolds (Steering) to discuss the working group and ask for participation. There is a strong interest in involving non-usual suspects and Mark McConnahay (registrar from Indiana – perhaps via Dennis Cromwell). There is also interest in changing the narrative from “releasing attributes” to “managing access.”  (Other non anxiety-provoking terminology is welcome.)

Federation Interoperability – TAC will cover this work item by extending the charter of the Deployment Profile WG. There is a need to edit the charter and ensure the scope is appropriate.  New members would also be welcome.

SP Onboarding – The goal is increase the standardization of SP deployments. The working group will identify issues that have arisen in working with SPs and make recommendations for better aligning processes. There was discussion about the NET+ role in this area, but a minority of SPs are in NET+. REFEDS has asked Heather Flanagan to flywheel a group on a similar topic, so it would be good to coordinate with her. It was also noted that the InCommon web does not provide guidance for SPs, so onboarding is left to IdPs. One first step would be to adjust the “Join” web page and use that as a jumping-off point for SP onboarding information. There should also be guidance on R&S and other relevant topics. The working group should both define what an SP has to do and also identify resources for help.

Technical-discuss list

TAC members are encouraged to keep the technical-discuss list in mind for posting items and requesting discussion and feedback.

Next Meeting - Monday, May 11 - 2 pm ET

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