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InCommon TAC Minutes January 19, 2017


TAC Members Attending: Janemarie Duh, Mark Scheible, Jim Jokl, Eric Goodman, Mike Grady, Walter Hoehn, Keith Wessel, Albert Wu, Steve Carmody

Others Attending: Kevin Morooney, Nick Roy, David Walker, Paul Caskey, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Steve Zoppi, Ann West

ORCID Incident - Nick handled the ORCID incident for InCommon. He followed the new Incident Response Guidelines, which are still in draft form. An email will go to the participants and exec lists regarding the FOPP and incident handling once legal has reviewed the incident handling guidelines.

InCommon Steward Program - The proof of concept is in progress with MCNC. The general idea is to leverage regional network providers such as MCNC (Support Consortium participant) to onboard K-14 organizations (called “Represented Constituents” or "RCs"), register their metadata, and run their IdPs/SPs. A workshop was held in December in advance of the PoC. MCNC is soliciting MoUs from interested RCs in North Carolina. MCNC is also pursuing a list of services that would be of interest to K-14.

COmanage and Grouper - Internet2 plans to deploy their own instances of both COmanage and Grouper during 2017. A meeting in Ann Arbor (Jan 24-25) will start the process for deploying COmanage.

2017 TAC Work Plan - There was discussion about the work plan and its relationship with the conversations on openness and transparency. Work plan discussions will begin by the next TAC meeting. The F2F meeting at Global Summit will likely include work plan considerations.

TAC member introductions - The TAC members on the call introduced themselves and provided sketches of their experience.

Commercial SPs Curation for IdPs WG - Janemarie has spearheaded this effort thus far and a charter has been drafted. The WG would produce detailed configuration guides for IdP operators that would help them integrate with vendor SPs. Scott Cantor originally floated the idea (along with a few specific config guides). One idea is to produce a service portfolio in addition to (or perhaps in lieu of) configuration guides. Discussions included how to gauge community interest and needs and whether there is overlap with the Deployment Profile WG. In addition, TIER intends to gather these types of use cases.

TIER Packaging - TAC would like to hear an update on this topic at a future meeting.

Next Meeting - Thursday, February 2 - 1 pm ET

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