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Attending: Steve Carmody, Ian Young, Jim Jokl, Mark Scheible, Janemarie Duh, Scott Cantor, Kim Milford, Mike Grady, Walter Hoehn, Keith Wessel, Eric Goodman, Michael Gettes

With: Dean Woodbeck, Kevin Morooney, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Nick Roy, David Walker

New Officers

  • Mark Scheible, chair for 2017
  • Janemarie Duh, vice chair for 2017
  • Thanks to Steve Carmody for his years of service as TAC chair.

Review of Nov. 10, 2016, Minutes

Nov. 10 minutes approved.

New Members

Welcome to new members: Keith Wessel (Univ. of Illinois), Eric Goodman (Univ of Calif. Office of the President), Mike Grady (Unicon).

Outgoing Members

Thanks to Scott Cantor, Keith Hazelton, and Michael Gettes for their long-term service to the TAC.

Trust/Identity Team Meeting in Ann Arbor

The trust and identity team met last week and reviewed 2016 and information from the deep dive and path forward discussions. Brainstormed about things to be done in 2017. Kevin, Ann, and SteveZ will meet in Denver next week to move this information into a work plan. Much of the discussion was about how we do things internally and the necessary operational infrastructure.

REFEDS Meeting in Geneva

Tom Barton attended this meeting last week and provided a summary:

  • Ann Harding announced funding for a GEANT-funded eScience function. Plan to staff a help desk intended to help primarily federation operators (and also eScience operators).
  • SIRTFI - Developing a strawman for the end-to-end security process for interfederation. The SIRTFI working group will develop this and have wide community distribution
  • Assurance working group wrapping up work on a first assurance profile - aimed at research - much simpler than bronze and silver. The approach will rely on a number of different values of eduperson assurance corresponding with areas of interest.
  • EU privacy regulations have inhibited some IdPs from releasing attributes to SPs outside of the EU. The new EU privacy/data protection regulations will allow SPs outside of the EU to assert compliance with CoCo (Code of Conduct) - will help enable release of R&S bundles, for instance, to SPs outside of the EU. It was suggested that InCommon consider an information campaign during 2017 about CoCo and any impact on U.S. IdPs and/or SPs.
  • REFEDS consultation will start in January on the InCommon MFA working group’s profile. The outcome will be to define some REFEDS identifiers in the profile.
  • Tom encouraged TAC members to review the 2017 REFEDS work plan: It would behoove TAC and AAC to review this with an eye toward whether we should join REFEDS working groups and/or, in some areas, develop an InCommon working group.

Status of Current Working Groups

Per-entity Metadata (David Walker) - The report is out for final review by the WG members. Hope to have a report to the TAC next week.

Per-entity Discovery  - There is a recommendation to create a new working group on per-entity discovery (which was not addressed by the Per-entity Metadata WG). Would it be better to work with the new REFEDS WG on this? 

OIDC (David Walker) - This group has produced a survey. Albert is drafting an announcement, scheduled to go out yet this week, with responses due January 20. Looking for use cases for OIDC and OAuth. The WG will assess the results and produce a report.

Deployment Profile (Keith Wessel)  - Have gone through an initial list of requirements and separated them into such categories as: include in SAML2int, send on to federation operators, others. Will be reviewing these on today’s call, sort out what should be sent elsewhere (like SAML2int) and what to address in our profile.

Commercial Service Providers Curation for IdPs Working Group (Janemarie Duh) - There was work accomplished earlier in the year, including development of a template for developing configuration guides for popular SPs. We did not receive any contributions, so proposing a working group to accomplish this work. Draft charter. (1) This could help with the value proposition for InCommon. (2) Need to identify who the most popular commercial SPs are. (3) Develop an integration document for each SP. TAC members asked to review the draft charter, make comments, and be ready to discuss whether to proceed. This could be useful for both current participants and potential participants.

Next Meeting - Thursday, January 5 - 1 pm ET

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