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Attending: Mark Scheible, Jim Jokl, Janemarie Duh, Michael Gettes, Scott Cantor, Tom Barton, Steve Carmody, Albert Wu, Tom Mitchell, Chris Misra

With: Dean Woodbeck, Ann West, David Walker, Nick Roy, Kevin Morooney, Ian Young, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim

Action Items

(AI) There was consensus on today’s call that outgoing TAC members can stay on the email list if they so choose. Steve Carmody will contact TAC members not attending today’s meeting to discuss.

(AI) Dean will create and distribute a ballot to use for election of a vice-chair.

Review of Minutes from 10/27/2016

The minutes are approved to make public, with the names of the new TAC members removed (they have not yet been approved by InCommon Steering).

Ops Update

These Ops priorities have emerged after discussion by the Ops advisory group and staff over the last couple of weeks. 

High Priority

  1.  Refactor the IdP Endpoints wiki page - separate SAML1 and SAML2 information) - only two IdPs left in the world that don’t support SAML2
  2.  Study the output of the eduGAIN Connectivity Check Service - this checks IdPs for “live-ness” - will use this to develop a strategy for InCommon IdPs that have issues.
  3.  Migrate to the REFEDS security contact in metadata - in the last month, 120 entities have added security metadata, but these are the old InC syntax and they need to be converted to the REFEDS syntax. Have a strategy, but FM needs to be modified first.
  4.  Improve errorURLs in IdP metadata - send note to InC-Ops-Notifications this morning and starting to get feedback

 Low Priority

  1.  Enable HTTP Compression on
  2. Deploy an instance of Shibboleth MDA V0.9.2 on the offline laptop

Ops also plans to automate and monitor a number of metadata processes that drive dynamic web pages.

New TAC Members and Officers

Once the officer election process is complete, the names of the three new TAC members and the new Chair and Vice-Chair will be sent to InCommon Steering for approval. (AI) Steve will communicate with those who were nominated for TAC but not selected.

The new members and officers will take office as of January 1, 2017. In the meantime, the new members will be invited to the next (and last) meeting of 2016 on December 8.

There was discussion about whether outgoing TAC members may remain on the email list. The consensus was that they can, but (AI) Steve Carmody will contact TAC members not on the call to discuss.

There was discussion about whether the new TAC officers should be elected now and start January 1, or elected mid-year and start sometime around July 1. The charter specifies the January 1 date, but there has been discussion about mid-year. The consensus is to stay with the charter and January 1, but to accomplish the officer election prior to new members joining TAC.

Chair Nominations: There were five nominees for chair. There is a sense that having a relative newcomer as chair would be beneficial, so three long-time TAC members have decided to decline the nomination. A fourth nominee also declined. Mark Scheible is the remaining nominee and has agreed to accept the nomination. The consensus is to appoint Mark Scheible as TAC chair for 2017.

Vice-Chair Nominations: There are three nominees for vice-chair. (AI) Dean will create and distribute a ballot to use for election.

TAC Work Process

There was discussion about the TAC process for developing its work plan for the year. The last couple of years, TAC has developed a work plan for the year, identifying potential topics for working groups. When the time comes, a chair will be recruited, a working group chartered, and work ensues. Recently, a number of TAC working group items have gone on to be considered by a REFEDS working group. The question is whether TAC needs a process to determine whether a working group should be an InCommon-chartered group or a REFEDS-chartered group.

There are a number of factors to consider, including the audience for the working group, the desired outcome, and timing. REFEDS, for instance, only generates working groups once a year. InCommon may have a more pressing need. The consensus is that the current informal process seems to work, and that TAC takes into account the needs of InCommon and generally looks ahead to determine if there is potential interest internationally.


REFEDS has completed the consultation process for SIRTFI and its steering committee has approved the v1.0 framework. Some of the FAQs and other information are in the process of being updated.

Next Meeting - Thursday, December 8 - 2 pm ET

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