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Attending: Michael Gettes, Jim Jokl,, Tom Barton, Tom Mitchell, Chris Misra, Mark Scheible (with nerve block), Scott Cantor, Kim Milford, Walter Hoehn, Albert Wu, Janemarie Duh

With: Dean Woodbeck, Nick Roy, David Walker, Ann West, Steve Zoppi, Steve Olshansky, Ian Young, Paul Caskey, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim

Action Items

(AI) Ann West will follow-up with Kim Milford on a discussion between InCommon and REN-ISAC about security contacts (with regard to SIRTFI).

(AI) Dean will set up a process for use to rank the TAC nominees, as well as a process for nominating for a chair and vice-chair for 2017.


Minutes from Sept. 28 - Jim Jokl will revise the minutes and then they will be made public.

Ops Update

See the update at

  • IdP-only aggregate is in production (Tom Mitchell reports it was a trivial change to their Shibboleth installation and greatly reduced the time for the metadata to load)
  • Bug fixes in the Metadata Aggregator Tooling related to the IdP-only aggregate and the entity attribute import filter were deployed
  • University of Illinois Functional Accessibility Evaluator SP requested R&S status. Tom Scavo accessed the application. The application requires login and requires user attributes. Tom is leaning toward approval for R&S.
    • Question - what audience does this application target?
    • Does this collect data for research purposes?
    • This application is available to a wide range of users. It also provides information via a database for researchers who are interested in usability and accessibility of web resources.
  • No objections from TAC to approve this application

Incident Handling Frameworks

Steering asked for an incident handling framework. Nick prepared an Incident Handling Framework draft and several have provided helpful feedback. Nick would like comments by the end of the day Friday, October 14. This is the first step - an implementation plan will also be developed.


CERN is requiring IdPs to comply with SIRTFI. InCommon has a list of our participants that this will affect (campuses with 10 or more logins during September). Staff will send a note about this requirement and informing them about the InCommon SIRTFI proof-of-concept and offering them the opportunity to participate. That will allow their researchers to continue to access CERN resources. 

The REFEDS consultation on SIRTFI is open through October 28.

There is also interest in a discussion with REN-ISAC and their database of security contacts, and if that might help with SIRTFI. (AI) Ann West will follow-up with Kim Milford for a discussion.

Steward Program

There were two comments on the proof of concept, neither of which was substantive in terms of the program. InCommon will proceed on the proof of concept with MCNC. There is still some legal work to be done before the proof of concept can begin.

Baseline Expectation

The community comment period is closed. There were a number of suggestions and questions about implementation during TechEx. The next step is developing and socializing an implementation plan.

Nominations Process

Process: Have TAC members rank the top four candidates. (AI) Dean will set up a form to use for voting and send an email with the URL and a reminder that the deadline is the end of the day on Friday, October 21. The same process will be used for nominating a chair and vice-chair for 2017.

In terms of the type of person needed for TAC, Ann sent a strawman proposal regarding the evolving role of TAC:

The TAC would engage all participants to gather requirements and constraints to address specific federation service-related gaps or questions, spin up wg, manage them tightly and efficiently and communicate their deliverables. It’s not necessarily technical, but becomes more engagement focused, more open, more communicative, more diverse even than what we have today. It’s process and advocacy oriented, not visionary. Vision is done elsewhere (CACTI) because it has to include the organizational infrastructure being addressed by TIER. And yes there is overlap, that we will have to work through.

One concern is that TAC will lose people who have significant experience with campus IdPs and technology. In considering nominees, it would be beneficial to determine whether such experience is important. 

Next Meeting - Thurs, Oct 27, 2016 - 1 pm ET

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