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We agreed on a single agenda item during our meeting planning call: what are the big concerns facing the community? Each TAC member was to come prepared with one or at most two top concerns. Those not attending the in-person meeting were to contribute on the mailing list.


The discussion could have gone on much longer. The table below reflects the strategic concerns brought forward by TAC members. The TAC discussed the concerns and then each TAC member choose what she/he see as the top three concerns facing InCommon. TAC will complete the prioritization process in future TAC meetings. A concern/reminder was expressed that everything in the table is important and that some of the voting focused around what we should discuss next and be actionable.


Largest Strategic Concern for Each TAC Member

ItemDescription of Concern

Federation model for cloud use cases

What is the future role of the federation operator?

What business are we really in, should we be in, and what is the business value?

If we were to start anew today, what we we do differently? How do we get from the current state to the desired state?

What are the use cases we want to solve? Focus and scope - the tension between the needs of cloud providers and collaboration (research, commercial, bilateral vs. multilateral)

How do we engage corporate SPs and deliver added value?

2Funding for Shibboleth basic maintenance

Funding for Shibboleth expansion -- e.g., include OIDC

What is the competitive risk for not delivering OIDC quickly?

4Attribute release issues
5Resources for InCommon - basic staffing for operations
6Resources for InCommon - staffing for development and innovation
7Discovery in the face of MDQ
8 (tie)Security incident for the I2/InCommon Infrastructure
8 (tie)Hardening InCommon infrastructure and operations
10(tie)Scaling InCommon across multiple dimensions - not just technical
10 (tie)Attribute release in the context of OIDC
10 (tie)Scaling InCommon across multiple dimensions - not just technical
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